Video of Lebron James as a Kid

A young Erik Spoelstra stood there quietly and filmed all of this. Continue Reading →

MassDOT Workers Do Not Like Lebron James

That road sign is a total choker. Continue Reading →

Wyoming is the Capital of Irrational Lebron Hatred

They like things that are always clutch. Like Old Faithful. Continue Reading →
Paul George, George Hill, LeBron James

Lebron James Fails to Win Ring in 2nd Round Playoff Victory

Miami Heat forward Lebron James failed to win an NBA championship ring again Thursday night when the Heat advanced past the Indiana Pacers in the 2nd Round of the playoffs, leaving ... Continue Reading →

"The LeBrunger Games"

EXT. AKRON, OHIO – NIGHT A man with a creepy wig and make-up stands on a stage, as hundreds of children gather around him. He has a microphone and a giant ball with slips of paper ... Continue Reading →

Lebron James Enjoys Teen Lit

Had he attended college, he would have read literature like "The Hunger Games." Continue Reading →

Lebron James Claims Indian Sikh Heritage in Obvious Excuse to Wear a Turban

Lebron James told reporters today that he has discovered his father was an Indian Sikh and says he plans to wear a turban during games as a way to pay homage to his background. "I ... Continue Reading →

Inside the Mind of Lebron James

See, he does need those hipster glasses. Continue Reading →

Novelty Googly-Eye Glasses the New Trend Among NBA Players

Anyone who has seen footage of NBA players arriving to games or has watched post-game press conferences has no doubt noticed the newest fashion fad sweeping the league: novelty googly-eyed ... Continue Reading →

Lebron’s Hairline Was Once Quite Impressive

This child couldn’t even imagine his headbanded future. Continue Reading →

Pocket Guide for Criticizing Lebron in Any Situation

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Lebron Hate in Tire Cover Form

Good thing no Celtics players have ever cried or complained. Continue Reading →

Philadelphia’s One Sixers Fan Heckles Lebron James

That guy doesn't know how many superstars the Sixers have, nor can he name any of their players. Continue Reading →

Lebron James Keeps His Rogaine in a Tiny Purse

So the man having the best NBA season ever carries a purse? Cool. Continue Reading →

Lebron Urinal in Cleveland

Before he left, it was a Steelers urinal. Continue Reading →

Lebron James is Not Quite in Regular Season Form Yet

He is, however, in postseason form. Continue Reading →

Now Lebron James is Mocking Plaxico Burress, Too

If that touchdown had been late in the game, Lebron would have shot and missed his leg. Continue Reading →

Carmelo, Lebron Turning to Life of Crime During NBA Lockout

David Stern probably turned them in. Continue Reading →