"The LeBrunger Games"

EXT. AKRON, OHIO – NIGHT A man with a creepy wig and make-up stands on a stage, as hundreds of children gather around him. He has a microphone and a giant ball with slips of ... Continue Reading →

Lebron James Enjoys Teen Lit

Had he attended college, he would have read literature like "The Hunger Games." Continue Reading →

Lebron James Claims Indian Sikh Heritage in Obvious Excuse to Wear a Turban

Lebron James told reporters today that he has discovered his father was an Indian Sikh and says he plans to wear a turban during games as a way to pay homage to his background. "I ... Continue Reading →

Inside the Mind of Lebron James

See, he does need those hipster glasses. Continue Reading →

Novelty Googly-Eye Glasses the New Trend Among NBA Players

Anyone who has seen footage of NBA players arriving to games or has watched post-game press conferences has no doubt noticed the newest fashion fad sweeping the league: novelty googly-eyed ... Continue Reading →

Lebron’s Hairline Was Once Quite Impressive

This child couldn’t even imagine his headbanded future. Continue Reading →

Pocket Guide for Criticizing Lebron in Any Situation

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Lebron Hate in Tire Cover Form

Good thing no Celtics players have ever cried or complained. Continue Reading →

Philadelphia’s One Sixers Fan Heckles Lebron James

That guy doesn't know how many superstars the Sixers have, nor can he name any of their players. Continue Reading →

Lebron James Keeps His Rogaine in a Tiny Purse

So the man having the best NBA season ever carries a purse? Cool. Continue Reading →

Lebron Urinal in Cleveland

Before he left, it was a Steelers urinal. Continue Reading →

Lebron James is Not Quite in Regular Season Form Yet

He is, however, in postseason form. Continue Reading →

Now Lebron James is Mocking Plaxico Burress, Too

If that touchdown had been late in the game, Lebron would have shot and missed his leg. Continue Reading →