VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Has Appropriate Reaction to Nick Young Shot

Had it not gone in, that face would have made profanities. Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant Demands Trade to Kentucky Wildcats

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant formally requested a trade today with the team’s front office and made it clear that the Kentucky Wildcats are at the top of his list.  Continue Reading →

The NBA Media Cycle

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BREAKING: Start of NBA Season Postponed Until Kobe Bryant’s Overall Player Ranking Can be Agreed On

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced today that the scheduled start of the NBA regular season will be postponed indefinitely until a consensus can be reached on where Kobe Bryant ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant on ESPN Ranking Him NBA’s 40th Best Player: “Bunch of idiots”

I guess Kobe think he’s ranked too high. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Kobe Has Seen Enough of the Horrible, Kobe-less Lakers

He should probably start attending Clippers games so he doesn’t learn to hate basketball.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Sobbing Guy Really Likes Kobe Bryant and Humiliating Himself

This is what it’s like to be a Lakers fan in 2013. Continue Reading →

Mike D’Antoni Calls Timeout to Read Really Insightful Kobe Tweet

Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni burned his final timeout with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 1 of Los Angeles' opening round playoff series against the ... Continue Reading →

Kobe Vows to Start Week 1 of the NFL Season, Has Painkiller Dosage Lowered

Kobe Bryant vowed in a rambling, barely coherent Facebook posting at 4 a.m. this morning that he will suit up for the Lakers at quarterback for Week 1 of the NFL season. "My ... Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant Cuts Off “Traitorous” Left Ankle, Expected to Play Tomorrow

Lakers star Kobe Bryant was expected to be out indefinitely with a severely sprained left ankle, but the team announced today that he will play tomorrow after cutting the offending ... Continue Reading →
Wachovia Championship-ProAm

Michael Jordan Says He Would Take Adam Morrison Over Kobe and LeBron

Michael Jordan said in an interview with NBA TV yesterday that, if given a choice, he would take Adam Morrison over Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Widely considered the greatest player ... Continue Reading →

New Pass-First Kobe Bryant: “I just imagine my teammates’ hands are little baskets I’m shooting at”

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant had his fourth consecutive game of nine or more assists Wednesday night. The new pass-first Bryant says his facilitating game, which had led ... Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant LiveTweeted Today’s Lakers Shoot-Around

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Kobe and A-Rod Texting During the Game

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If Kobe and LeBron Had Anthony Davis’ Unibrow

They’re both happy to see some sort of hairline return. Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant Scores 68 Points in 15-Minute Chinese Charity Game

The charity raises money for Chinese people who can't play basketball. Continue Reading →

Blood-Spattered Kobe Bryant Insists Pau Gasol Flew Back to Spain as Soon as the Season Ended

Lakers star Kobe Bryant claims teammate Pau Gasol was not brutally murdered and, in fact, immediately flew home to Spain following Los Angeles' season-ending loss to the Oklahoma ... Continue Reading →

Scenes from Kobe Bryant’s First Game as an NBA Coach

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