Super Strange Timberwolves Ad #2

It's a shame that their entire ad department will test positive for drugs. Continue Reading →

"The Kevin Love Boat"

Once it goes into syndication, he'll be rich enough to buy the team. Continue Reading →

"What is Love?" Kevin Love Tribute Song

It's the hottest song at all of the hippest dance clubs in Minneapolis. Continue Reading →

Luis Scola Hits Kevin Love in the Crotch

"Love stomach"? Nut sack, you just got a new name. Continue Reading →

NBA Lock-In

NBA Lockout: Lock-In from Tyson Chandler Middle school kids are more mature than David Stern. Continue Reading →

Kevin Love: "I never could’ve gotten all those rebounds without my teammates missing so many shots"

Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love set a new NBA record for consecutive double-doubles with 51 on Monday night. But Love, who had 23 points and 17 rebounds in the loss ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Love Gets a Love Bite

Wait until he shows all of his friends at the lunch table. Continue Reading →