Timberwolves Ask Kevin Garnett If He Can Buy Them Beer

The Minnesota Timberwolves welcomed former star Kevin Garnett back to the team this week, and he was immediately welcome with open arms by his teammates. Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett’s 10 Sexiest Breakfast Cereals

#10 – Rice Krispies Hearing Rice Kripsies snap, crackle and pop in a bowl of milk is nice. But you haven't really heard them snap, crackle and pop until you've heard ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett Snubs Ray Allen, Remains a Terrible Person

He's the meanest old man in his neighborhood. Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett Rips Jason Terry for Being a Traitor to the Mavericks

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said today that he will refuse to take the court with Jason Terry for Boston's regular season opener because "Terry is a goddam traitor." ... Continue Reading →

Boston Mayor Loves Boston Stars KJ and Hondo

Politics no longer attracts people who are wicked smaht. Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett: "Is it cool if I just glare at people instead of running back on defense?"

An exhausted Kevin Garnett asked Celtics head coach Doc Rivers last night during Boston's latest loss if it would be okay if he limits his defensive effort to intimidating glares ... Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade Humiliates 2008 Defensive Player of the Year

Kevin Garnett's defense is a cancer to his team and the entire league. Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett Gives a Woman a Lap Dance

Unrelated question: why does Kevin Garnett carry his wallet in his uniform shorts? Continue Reading →

If NBA Players Used Foursquare

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Celtics Dedicate NBA Finals to Memory of Kevin Garnett

The Boston Celtics dedicated their victory in Game 2 of the NBA Finals to former teammate and longtime NBA star Kevin Garnett, who recently passed away due to age-related causes. "This ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett stares down the NBA logo after he thinks he heard it disrespect him.

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Celtics Disappointed Kevin Garnett Only Suspended for One Game

The Boston Celtics plan to appeal the NBA's decision to suspend forward Kevin Garnett for one game for his part in a fracas in the closing moments of Boston's Game 1 opening ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett’s dentures comes loose in just the latest setback for the rapidly aging Celtics big man.

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Fashion Advice with Kevin Garnett

Anything is possible, except pulling off that suit. Continue Reading →