The Greatest Anthony Davis Unibrow Tribute of All-Time

Nailed it. Davis totally has nipple eyes. Continue Reading →

Which of the No. 1 seeds do you think is the best bet to make it out of the Sweet 16 to the Final Four?

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Anthony Davis Unibrow Cookies

Mmm. You can almost taste the hair. Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis’ First Iconic Poster

Jordan made baggy shorts popular; Davis will bring back the unibrow. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Eliminated from NCAA Tournament in 1-Seed vs. 1-Seed Play-In Game

Kentucky saw its national title hopes end early, losing 73-72 to fellow No. 1 seed North Carolina last night in an NCAA Tournament 1st Round game. "It was disappointing not to ... Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis’ Mom Has a Unibrow Mask

She could tell her son to trim it … or wear a mask celebrating it. Interesting choice. Continue Reading →

Which No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament is most likely to get upset?

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Anthony Davis Unibrow Cake

The average Kentucky resident eats brow hair for 50-percent of their diet. The rest is moonshine. Continue Reading →

Dominant Kentucky Showing the Potential to be John Calipari’s Most Disappointing NCAA Tournament Team Yet

The top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats proved again that they are the most talented team in the nation with a 20-point destruction of 8th ranked Florida on Tuesday night, running their record ... Continue Reading →

John Calipari Introduced as the Head Coach of the Memphis Tigers

Maybe it was throwback night. Continue Reading →

Indiana Basketball is Adorable

Indiana: Where It’s Always the 1950s. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Likes the College Basketball

You could do this poll in July and you’d get the same results in Kentucky. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Freshman Anthony Davis Has the Nation’s Premier Unibrow

He gained his "freshman 15" entirely in brow hair. Continue Reading →

Christian Laettner is an Incredibly Apathetic Villain

He's too bored to stomp any chests these days. Continue Reading →

Rex Chapman Enjoyed the Glen Rice-Sarah Palin News

From @rexchapman AKA former University of Kentucky and NBA guard Rex Chapman … – – – – – But wait! There's MORE! Continue Reading →

All of These Crops Will One Day be Vacated

He’ll just move on to another field. Continue Reading →

John Calipari Bourbon

It will get your sobriety revoked. Continue Reading →

That’s a Shot Cock Violation

That ref won’t call a foul. He seems to like what he’s seeing. Continue Reading →