Bobby Knight Adorned with Anthony Davis’ Unibrow

He who will not udder the name of Kentucky shall be marked as a Kentuckian for all eternity. Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis Has Made the Unibrow All the Rage in College Basketball

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Boeheim, Calipari Angrily Dispute NCAA Ad Claim That Some of Their Players Get Jobs Outside of Sports

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim and Kentucky head coach John Calipari both angrily disputed claims today in an NCAA ad running during the NCAA Tournament claiming that most "student-athletes" ... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Anthony Davis Unibrow Tribute of All-Time

Nailed it. Davis totally has nipple eyes. Continue Reading →

Which of the No. 1 seeds do you think is the best bet to make it out of the Sweet 16 to the Final Four?

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Anthony Davis Unibrow Cookies

Mmm. You can almost taste the hair. Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis’ First Iconic Poster

Jordan made baggy shorts popular; Davis will bring back the unibrow. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Eliminated from NCAA Tournament in 1-Seed vs. 1-Seed Play-In Game

Kentucky saw its national title hopes end early, losing 73-72 to fellow No. 1 seed North Carolina last night in an NCAA Tournament 1st Round game. "It was disappointing not to ... Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis’ Mom Has a Unibrow Mask

She could tell her son to trim it … or wear a mask celebrating it. Interesting choice. Continue Reading →

Which No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament is most likely to get upset?

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Anthony Davis Unibrow Cake

The average Kentucky resident eats brow hair for 50-percent of their diet. The rest is moonshine. Continue Reading →

Dominant Kentucky Showing the Potential to be John Calipari’s Most Disappointing NCAA Tournament Team Yet

The top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats proved again that they are the most talented team in the nation with a 20-point destruction of 8th ranked Florida on Tuesday night, running their record ... Continue Reading →

John Calipari Introduced as the Head Coach of the Memphis Tigers

Maybe it was throwback night. Continue Reading →

Indiana Basketball is Adorable

Indiana: Where It’s Always the 1950s. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Likes the College Basketball

You could do this poll in July and you’d get the same results in Kentucky. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Freshman Anthony Davis Has the Nation’s Premier Unibrow

He gained his "freshman 15" entirely in brow hair. Continue Reading →

Christian Laettner is an Incredibly Apathetic Villain

He's too bored to stomp any chests these days. Continue Reading →

Rex Chapman Enjoyed the Glen Rice-Sarah Palin News

From @rexchapman AKA former University of Kentucky and NBA guard Rex Chapman … – – – – – But wait! There's MORE! Continue Reading →