Anthony Davis Will Spend His First NBA Paycheck on Braces

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The Fray Sings the National Anthem

Because you definitely want to hear that again. Continue Reading →

Drunk, Rioting Kentucky Tips Over West Virginia

Celebrations over Kentucky winning its eighth NCAA championship in basketball quickly turned ugly late Monday night when the state of West Virginia was tipped over onto Virginia, Maryland ... Continue Reading →

Kansas Really Likes Kansas

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If John Calipari’s latest trip to the Final Four gets vacated, what will be the likely reason?

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A Unibrow is Not Anthony Davis’ Only Visual Sin

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Anthony Davis as Dave Chappelle: "Game Browses"

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NCAA Billboard Fail in a Kentucky Game

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Flowchart: Are You a Moron?

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The 10 Greatest Anthony Davis Unibrow Tributes

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Anthony Davis Unibrow Banner

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Kentucky Wildcat Mascot Unibrow

The mascot has a unibrow, while Ms. Judd appears to be shaved. Oh, you are gross. Continue Reading →

Famous Final Four School Alums Make Their NCAA Picks

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Science Says Kentuckians are as Intelligent as Charles Barkley

Kentucky: The Turrble State. Continue Reading →

Which Final Four team do you least want to win the NCAA Tournament?

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Bobby Knight Adorned with Anthony Davis’ Unibrow

He who will not udder the name of Kentucky shall be marked as a Kentuckian for all eternity. Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis Has Made the Unibrow All the Rage in College Basketball

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Boeheim, Calipari Angrily Dispute NCAA Ad Claim That Some of Their Players Get Jobs Outside of Sports

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim and Kentucky head coach John Calipari both angrily disputed claims today in an NCAA ad running during the NCAA Tournament claiming that most "student-athletes" ... Continue Reading →