PICTURE: Kentucky’s New Logo is Pretty Lame

Not sure why, but I bet a sports logo was supposed to go there. Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant Demands Trade to Kentucky Wildcats

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant formally requested a trade today with the team’s front office and made it clear that the Kentucky Wildcats are at the top of his list.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Drake Airballs Jumper at Kentucky Midnight Madness

Started from the bottom, now Drake’s ball is back at the bottom without hitting the rim. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: John Calipari Has Very Deep Thoughts About Footprints in the Sand

He’s a coach AND an educator. Continue Reading →
Calipari BR

Kentucky Fires John Calipari After Discovering Improper Who/Whom Usage on His Résumé

The University of Kentucky announced today that they have fired head basketball coach John Calipari after a review of his résumé uncovered several instances of improper who/whom usage. ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Idiot Kentucky Fan Gets 2014 National Championship Tattoo

At least he didn’t get it on his face, assuming that’s not his face.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Kentucky Basketball “Pursuit of Perfection” T-Shirts are On Sale for $1.99

That’s almost 25-cents for each of their eight losses. Seems like a ripoff. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: John Calipari’s Face is Very Confused

He also makes that face when he is stripped of Final Four appearances. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Kentucky Residents Are Very Judgmental

So John Calipari, Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino = good? But college kids being excited about a win = bad? Got it. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Kentucky’s James Young Scores Awesome Basket on the Wrong Basket

Just imagine what he can do when he’s actually trying to score.  Continue Reading →

Mummified Cat Dunks Mummified Bird

It’s a Kentucky-Louisville thing. You luckily wouldn’t understand. Continue Reading →

Replacement Officials Come to College Football

We are a divided country. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Wildcats Windshield Wiper

Next up: a unibrow bumper Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis Portrait Made of Kix and Reese’s Puffs

This is everything the art world was waiting for. Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis is Now Working in Fast Food

Should have gotten his degree. And put a hairnet on that unibrow! Continue Reading →

Kentucky Plaque Shockingly Has Two Typos

Its not known as one of th dumber states for no reason. Continue Reading →

Ideas for More Nerlens Noel-Inspired Recruit Hair Announcements

Continue Reading →

Bubba Watson’s Anthony Davis Unibrow Tribute

Soon every athlete south of the Mason-Dixon will have one eyebrow. Continue Reading →