VIDEO: Kansas State Fan Ruins the Illusion of Wholesome Midwesterners

Whoa whoa whoa. You say “fuck off, PLEASE” in the Midwest. Continue Reading →

Inbounds Pass from Hell

Non-textbook bounce pass. Continue Reading →

Who do you think should win the Heisman Trophy?

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BCS Cake of Failure

At least they can eat it all to justify their destroyed dreams. Continue Reading →

Frank Martin Remains a Colossal A-Hole

Yeah, Stan. Have you not heard of that, you dick? You a moron, Stan? Continue Reading →

Kansas State’s Frank Martin is Intense About His Basketball

Yeah, Angel? What were you thinking? Continue Reading →

Kansas State’s EcoKat Mascot is Not Too Popular on YouTube

She’s the first cat to not be popular on YouTube. Continue Reading →

God wants to destroy Kansas State football

As though they needed more evidence than their history that God wasn’t on their side. Continue Reading →