Punk Grandman Loves the Jayhawks

She’s probably does a great punk cover of "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk." Continue Reading →

Flash Mob Invades Kansas Basketball Game

Kansas remains the coolest place in the world. Continue Reading →

Bill Self dressed up as Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice’s hair was more realistic than Self’s usual toupee. Continue Reading →

Choking Missouri Baby > Baby Mangino

When basketball season starts, the kid then makes the choking sound for Missouri. Continue Reading →

Accurately Named College Teams

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The hardest major at KU is probably Fight Song Clapping

The host seems nice. But he will destroy you if you mess up the clap. Continue Reading →

Kansas worried about first round opponent Cinderella State

Although the Kansas Jayhawks are the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament and 32-point favorites in their opening round game, head coach Bill Self says he is not taking Cinderella ... Continue Reading →

Kansas head coach Bill Self tries to keep his nose in while arguing against an obvious foul.

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Mark Mangino Makes 10th Visit to Marginal Recruit Who Lives Beside a Dunkin’ Donuts

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino made yet another visit today to the home of Brett Lange, a marginal college prospect receiving little interest from other Division I programs. But Mangino ... Continue Reading →