PICTURE: “SportsCenter” Reports That Bill Plays With Him Self

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VIDEO: Basketball Recruit Cliff Alexander is Very Mean to Illinois

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Report: Andrew Wiggins Canadian

Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins has entered college basketball with more buzz than any freshman in years. But a troubling report today claims the 6’8″ guard is Canadian. Jayhawks ... Continue Reading →

Kansas Jayhawks Unveil New $4,000 Football Facility Featuring Two Bowflex Machines

The Kansas Jayhawks today granted media members an all-access look at their new football facility, The Kansas Jayhawks Football Basement and Performance Center, featuring more than ... Continue Reading →
charlie weis bleacher report

“Pile of crap” and Charlie Weis’ 10 Best Recruiting Lines

1. “Have you looked at that pile of crap out there?” 2. “I don’t throw compliments like this around to everyone, but you remind me of a septic tank.” 3. ... Continue Reading →
Charlie Weis

PHOTO: The Charlie Weis-BJs Photo You Always Wanted to See

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Charlie Weis Promises Kansas a National Title Three Years After They Fire Him

Kansas Jayhawks head football coach Charlie Weis promised his 1-10 football team they are just a few years away from being able to compete for a national championship. "I know ... Continue Reading →

Report: Kansas Jayhawks’ Basketball Player to Get Better at Banging

That’s what college is for. Continue Reading →

The 2013 Final Four Will be Played in Alanta, Georgia

Wait. Alanta is also in Georgia? No, thanks. Continue Reading →

The Fray Sings the National Anthem

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Kansas Fans Did Not Enjoy the First Half of the NCAA Title Game

I thought Midwesterners were supposed to be polite. Continue Reading →

Kansas Really Likes Kansas

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Famous Final Four School Alums Make Their NCAA Picks

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Which Final Four team do you least want to win the NCAA Tournament?

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World’s Coolest Kansas Basketball Fan

His losing is way more awesome. Continue Reading →

Kansas Responds to Missouri Rap Diss

Missouri-Kansas is the new East Coast-West Coast rap war. Continue Reading →

Kansas Basketball Fans Don’t Feel Bad for Billy Cundiff

It’s even in a left-leaning font. Well done. Continue Reading →

Sad Jayhawk

The Jayhawk is choking on his face. How fitting. (via Mocksession) Continue Reading →