PICTURE: Royals Fan Sound Asleep After Royals Win Wildcard Playoff Game

This was boring to him. He saw all of this decades ago. Continue Reading →

Kansas City Royals Bandwagon Fan Application

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VIDEO: Watch Ryan Raburn Make One of the Worst Throws Ever

The Indians have Wild Thing back, but now he’s an outfielder. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Greatest Royals Fans Say “Strike ‘Em Out Right Meow”

Every sports fan should have a kitty cat Spandex onesie. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Billy Butler Grounds Out to Jose Bautista in Right Field

“Billy with a base hit to right … nevermind.” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Idiot Royals Announcer Thinks the Moon is a Planet

Apparently someone hasn’t been watching Cosmos. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fat Guy Royals Fan is the Greatest Fan

Stop everything and become a Royals fan right now so we can see this marvelous man dance again and again. Continue Reading →

Little Kid Won’t Allow Royals Girl to Get Free Baseball

In 10 years, that kid will wish he had been nicer to that girl. Continue Reading →

Royals Kid Terrified by Foul Ball

He can’t believe a Royals player made contact. Continue Reading →

Royals Fan Successfully Steal Rosin Bag from the Mound

He's the best athlete the Royals have seen in decades. Continue Reading →

Royals Fan Does Not Think Much of the Twins

Those Midwesterners are very crude people. Continue Reading →

The Greatest Baseball Photo of All-Time

Time to shut down baseball. It can get no better than this. Continue Reading →

Miami Heat or Chicago Blackhawks: Whose streak is more impressive?

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Reading is Better Than Watching the Royals

Their players often read at the plate. Continue Reading →

Two Normal Sized Royals Fit in One Fat Jonathan Braxton’s Pants

It’s funny because he has a weight problem. Continue Reading →

Young Fans Find Love at a Royals Game

Eeeew! Yankees fans have cooties! No, seriously. Continue Reading →

KC Royals Ground Crew Worse than the Royals

They'll get a great grounds crew draft pick next year. Continue Reading →

Buttholes: The Baseball Jersey

No matter how many records he sets, "Pujols" will always = tee-hee. Continue Reading →