Chiefs Safety Eric Berry is Terrified of Horses

And the Chiefs are terrified of wins. Zing. Continue Reading →

Steve Spurrier Says the Kansas City Chiefs Could Beat Several College Teams

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier stated today that he feels the Kansas City Chiefs could give a good game to three or four teams in college football. "Not BCS conference ... Continue Reading →

Happier Times for Matt Cassel: Backstreet Boys Karaoke

How could Kansas City fans not love someone so sensual? Continue Reading →

Kansas City Chiefs Belly Boy

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Matt Cassel Celebrates Like You’d Expect Matt Cassel to Celebrate

His passing completion percentage is greater than his celebration completion percentage. Continue Reading →

Kansas City Chiefs Glass Eye

One more to go and he’ll be spared from having to see the Chiefs. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Has Found Love

His hate-filled heart has been suspended. Continue Reading →

Kyle Orton’s Farewell to Denver

Carmelo didn't even have the courtesy to do this. Continue Reading →

Chiefs Fans So Desperate They Want Kyle Orton

Why do Chiefs fans hate themselves? Continue Reading →

A Headline for Tyler Palko’s Refrigerator

Subhead: He wasn’t good, either. Continue Reading →

Matt Cassel Photographed Just Seconds Before He Was Murdered

It’s probably Tyler Palko under that mask. Continue Reading →

Chiefs Fan Dresses as Goalposts

Such is Chiefs football that field goals are now basically superheroes. Continue Reading →

Jamaal Charles’ Torn ACL Helps NFL.com Increase Fantasy Sign-Ups

Arian Foster does not find this ad amusing. Continue Reading →

Kansas City Chiefs Become the First Professional Sports Team to Announce It’s Gay

The Kansas City Chiefs bravely stepped forward today and announced they are gay, becoming the first team in major professional sports to come out as homosexual. "We just felt ... Continue Reading →

What lower seed has the best shot at winning the Super Bowl?

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Singer Forgets Words to National Anthem Before Chiefs-Broncos Game

This is the Josh McDaniels of anthem singers. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid as a 13 Year-Old Punt, Pass & Kick Contestant

Reid burned all of his timeouts in the competition. Continue Reading →

Which is the best of the remaining undefeated teams in the NFL?

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