VIDEO: Kansas City TE Travis Kelce Makes Wank Motion to Ref’s Call

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VIDEO: Raiders Celebrate Sack 13 Yards Behind the Line of Scrimmage

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VIDEO: Chiefs LB Dee Ford Clearly Has Frank Gore on His Fantasy Team

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Colquitt Family Turkey Day Football Game Just a Bunch of Goddam Punting Again

The Colquitt Family gathered for their annual Turkey Bowl football game this morning, but the game quickly devolved into an unwatchable punting battle of field position with neither ... Continue Reading →
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Kansas City Chiefs Motivated to be the Worst Team to Ever Win a Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated more than halfway through the season, but many football experts have called the team the worst 9-0 team in NFL history. But that’s a status ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Baby Andy Reid Costume Wins Baby Halloween

The baby fat is what makes the costume. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Victorious Andy Reid Runs Into Chiefs’ Locker Room

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VIDEO: Jaguars Depants Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson

They’re just trying to distract people from Blaine Gabbert. Continue Reading →
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Chiefs Fire Andy Reid After 0-2 Preseason Start

The Kansas City Chiefs parted ways with Andy Reid today. The firing comes just more than seven months after he was hired to be the team’s head coach and after just two exhibition ... Continue Reading →

Chiefs Apologize After 6-Team Deal Leaves Them Without Any Draft Picks

"Ah, crap." That was Andy Reid's reaction when informed of Kansas City's final take in a six-team trade that saw the Chiefs trade the No. 1 overall pick in the ... Continue Reading →

Report: Chiefs to Trade No. 1 Overall Pick Just to Ruin All the Mock Drafts

According to several reports, the Kansas City Chiefs plan to trade down in the 2013 NFL Draft and give up the No. 1 overall pick. "I don't know if this is the best thing for ... Continue Reading →

Chiefs Leak Photos of Them Making Out with Geno Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs today leaked photos of team management with Geno Smith at a Kansas City night club, including several shots that appear to show them all making out. "What ... Continue Reading →

49ers Trade Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs Just to Torture Smith

The San Francisco 49ers today dealt Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a second-round pick in the 2013 draft and a conditional mid-round pick in 2014. The team also ... Continue Reading →

Sweet Kansas Chiefs Skull Tattoo

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Andy Reid Fat Joke on SportsCenter

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Kansas City Chiefs Announce They’re Becoming a Rec League Rugby Team

The Kansas City Chiefs announced today the franchise will no longer be a professional football organization, but instead will be the name of a team in the KC Metro Rec Rugby League. ... Continue Reading →

Merica: The Jersey

‘Merica is, and always will be, better than the Kansas City Chiefs. Continue Reading →

Kansas City Chiefs are Now Killing Old Men

The Royals probably deserve some blame, too. Continue Reading →