John Harbaugh Says Ravens Have No Future Plans for Ed Reed, Joe Flacco

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh dismissed any notions today that his team would sign former star safety Ed Reed, who was cut by the Texans this week. “Ed and Joe Flacco ... Continue Reading →

John Harbaugh Is Not Happy with the Ravens’ Offseason

He’ll only get sadder when they draft Manti Te’o. Continue Reading →

Dorky Brothers Next Door Dreaming of Coaching in the Super Bowl Together One Day

Kevin and Jeff, the weird, unpopular neighborhood boys who live next door, say they are dreaming of one day coaching in a Super Bowl together just like NFL coaches John and Jim Harbaugh ... Continue Reading →

John Harbaugh’s Unnecessarily Cruel Postgame Comments to Jim Harbaugh

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John Harbaugh Doesn’t Know Many Words

There's a reason he never coached at Stanford. Continue Reading →
John Harbaugh, Gary Stills

John Harbaugh thinks the Ravens are smarter than the rest of us do.

http://deadspin.com/5641325/john-harbaugh-god-makes-foolish-the-wisdom-of-the-world-specifically-vegas-point-spreads New Testament references probably aren't quite new enough. Continue Reading →