PICTURE: John Daly Wears SpongeBob Pants for British Open Practice Round

No doubt the country that requires players to wear all-white for its biggest tennis tournament is considering doing the same now for golf.  Continue Reading →

John Daly Hasn’t Aged Well

He would never get carded on the Senior Tour. Continue Reading →

Of Course John Daly Has The Laziest Golf Bag Ever

He watches TV when he needs to rest from the physical demands of golf. Continue Reading →

At this British Open photo shoot in Scotland, John Daly’s jacket was a welcome distraction from the fact that Lee Trevino wasn’t wearing any underwear

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John Daly Lovable, Considering He’s Not Black

JohnDaly, the overweight, substance-abusing professional golfer who has been married four times, is still a fan favorite on the PGA Tour, despitewinning only a single Tour event in ... Continue Reading →