PICTURE: Penn State Took Back Joe Paterno’s Wins by Force

All cults like Penn State football have a para-military wing. Nothing surprising here. Continue Reading →

Franco Harris Still Loves Him Some Joe Paterno

At least he didn’t hang a Louis Freeh effigy out of his luxury box. Continue Reading →

The Joe Paterno Biography Kind of Falls Apart in the First Sentence of the Book Jacket

Well, the author gave it a good effort. Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno is STILL ALIVE!

Joe Paternoski is a terrible cover name. Continue Reading →

Paterno Family investigation concludes that “Joe was a child predator-enabling liar”

The family of the late Joe Paterno announced the findings today of its own investigation into the circumstances surrounding Jerry Sandusky's more than 13-year reign of terror ... Continue Reading →

Penn State Announces Plans to Build a Slightly Smaller Joe Paterno Statue

Penn State officials acknowledged today that Joe Paterno's legacy needs a revision in light of the findings in the Freeh Report. In fact, the university's board of trustees ... Continue Reading →

Newt Gingrich Got Advice on Assistant Coaches from Joe Paterno

And so ends his political career. Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno Taught Penn State Everything Except the Proper Use of "Your" vs. "You’re"

Grammar always hurt Penn State in the BCS rankings Continue Reading →

FOX 4 in Dallas with a Big Scoop on Joe Paterno

Born a year later, died two years ago. Continue Reading →

Found: 1 Amazingly Rational Penn State Student

He must be the valedictorian. Continue Reading →

Penn State Students Learn of Joe Paterno’s Dismissal Following Regularly-Scheduled Wednesday Night Riot

After their usual Wednesday night riot began dispersing, word began to spread among Penn State students that Nittany Lions head football coach Joe Paterno had been fired earlier that ... Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno in "A Few Good Men"

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Vermont Has Joe Paterno’s Back

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Penn State Admits Joe Paterno Has Just Been a Guy in a JoePa Costume Since 1996

Facing increased attention on the health and age of their 84 year-old head coach, Penn State admitted today that the man thought to be Joe Paterno has merely been someone dressed up ... Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno Meets Penn State’s New Basketball Coach

It’s the sport that’s like dunking a football over the goal post. Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno Achieves Every Old Man Stereotype In One Phone Call

http://www.sbnation.com/ncaa-football/2010/12/14/1875598/joe-paterno-cannot-hear-you-now He prefers to do interviews by telegram. Continue Reading →
College GameDay - 2005

Suggested College GameDay Sign of the Week

ESPN's College GameDay is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this week for Alabama vs. Penn State. – – – – – Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno Dies

Moments after hearing that Bobby Bowden had officially retired as head coach of the Florida State Seminoles, Penn State head coach Joe Paterno let out a sigh, made a few last remarks, ... Continue Reading →