Joe Flacco Unveils His Best Derp Face for Ad Shoot

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Joe Flacco: Great Quarterback or GREATEST Quarterback

Fact: If you have one good game in the NFL, you enter the “elite” discussion. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco is Taking Over, You Guys

Never underestimate the preseason greatness of the Baltimore Ravens. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco is So Great, Only the State in Which He Attended College Believes He’s Above Average

Now I know one fact about Delaware: the people there are dumb. Continue Reading →

Daily Affirmations with Joe Flacco

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Joe Flacco Confident He Has What It Takes to Knock the Ravens Out of the Playoffs Again

A confident and defiant Joe Flacco sounded off to the media yesterday, claiming he is a far better quarterback than he is portrayed to be. "I don't get any credit for what ... Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco Will Creep You Out if You’re Not Kind to Animals

He relates to dogs because he is equally intelligent. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco’s Career Captured in One Play

He seems pretty happy to complete a pass. Continue Reading →
Jason Prezant Photography 2011

Joe Flacco Needs to Fire His Wedding Entertainment Coordinator

It’s almost like you can reach out and touch Ray Lewis’s tears. Continue Reading →
Jason Prezant Photography 2011

Joe Flacco Married an Offensive Lineman

The bouquet was promptly intercepted by Troy Polamalu and returned for a touchdown. Continue Reading →

Joe "The Situation" Flacco

Gym, Tan, Incompletion. Continue Reading →