The Animated Tale of Jim Tressel Lying: "Vestocchio"

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Ohio State Fans Hit New Low and Serenade Jim Tressel

Sample lyrics: "E-T-H-I-C-S find out what it means to me. (Nothing.)" Continue Reading →

Ohio State Doesn’t Dot the "i" in "Ethics"

Ohio is THE most biased state in the country. Continue Reading →

ESPN and Sports Illustrated Make Beautiful Art

Everyone in Michigan just got a new picture for above the fireplace. Continue Reading →

At Least Ohio Thinks It’s Awesome

Maybe Ohioans are right. They’ll be back to getting killed by the SEC in no time. Continue Reading →

Jim Tressel’s New Vest

I don’t think he’s sincere when he tells me to have a nice day. Continue Reading →

New Back Cover Blurbs for Jim Tressel’s Best Selling Book: "The Winners Manual"

Released in 2008, Jim Tressel's "The Winners Manual: For The Game Of Life" became a New York Times best seller. Apparently there were people throughout Ohio and the ... Continue Reading →

Anti-Jim Tressel T-Shirt Industry Lives On

It’s the biggest industry in Michigan after the anti-RichRod t-shirt industry. Continue Reading →

How will Jim Tressel be remembered at Ohio State?

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Jim Tressel Needed to Lie a Few Hundred More Times to Lose the Support of Ohioans

They think the Ohio State scandals are all Lebron’s fault. Continue Reading →

Sports Illustrated on Jim Tressel Probe, Which Was Possibly Anal

Based on the expression on his face, it went pretty deep. Continue Reading →

Mrs. Tressel Not Happy with Local Reporter Dropping By

CREDIT: WSYX-TV COLUMBUS / STEVE LEVINE REPORTING by sportsxbrooks Maybe if the guy hadn't dressed like a schlub, she would have let him in. Continue Reading →
2007 BCS National Championship Game: Florida v Ohio State

Jim Tressel Accepts Head Coaching Position at Little Sisters of the Poor State

Hours after being forced to resign as head football coach at Ohio State due to several ongoing scandals, Jim Tressel has accepted the position of head coach at Little Sisters of the ... Continue Reading →

Billboard Dedicated to Jim Tressel

Someone report this billboard to him a few months from now. Continue Reading →

Jim Tressel Is Not Wildly Photogenic

He respects photographers as much as he does NCAA rules. Continue Reading →

Jim Tressel’s Leadership Through History

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"You know what the main job of a cheerleader was back in the day, don’t you? Oh, yeah. You know it."

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