PICTURE: Awkward Brady Hoke Awkwardly Listens to New Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh

Brady Hoke: Entering 1st season as ex-Michigan head coach. Continue Reading →

Harbaugh Applauds 49ers’ Renewed Commitment to Off-Season “Not Getting Arrested” Program

Before the off-season, most NFL teams meet individually with players to outline customized workout and diet programs. This year, the San Francisco 49ers had an added component. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh Does Push-Ups with a Walrus

This is crazy. He doesn’t always wear pleated khaki pants? Continue Reading →

49ers Players Say Mean Jim Harbaugh Makes All the Rules and Yells Sometimes

According to reports, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has rubbed some of his players the wrong way and, despite his success with the organization, many in the locker room wouldn’t ... Continue Reading →

Jim Harbaugh’s Parents Glad They Don’t Have to Decide Whether to Root for Him in This Year’s Super Bowl

The parents of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh say they are quite relieved their son didn’t make it back to the Super Bowl again this year. “It’s just ... Continue Reading →

Dorky Brothers Next Door Dreaming of Coaching in the Super Bowl Together One Day

Kevin and Jeff, the weird, unpopular neighborhood boys who live next door, say they are dreaming of one day coaching in a Super Bowl together just like NFL coaches John and Jim Harbaugh ... Continue Reading →

Jim Harbaugh Calls Out Alex Smith Detractors as “Gobble gobble jive turkeys”

Mmmmm. The most delicious turkeys. Continue Reading →

Jim Harbaugh Face

Alex Smith can do horrible things to a man’s face. Continue Reading →

Jim Harbaugh is Flanked by America’s Coolest Dude

Gallagher’s blond brother is apparently a Niners staffer. Continue Reading →

John Harbaugh’s Unnecessarily Cruel Postgame Comments to Jim Harbaugh

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Harbaugh-Schwartz Mad

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Lombardi Trophy Renamed for Jim Harbaugh

The NFL announced today that it will rename the Lombardi Trophy, named for coaching legend Vince Lombardi and given to each season's league champion, for modern football coaching ... Continue Reading →