New York Post Reports That Jeremy Lin is Asian

Expect a Carmelo-related "Black to Losing!" headline soon. Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin Bandwagon Fan Application

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Chinese Newspaper Wins with Its Jeremy Lin-Kobe Bryant Coverage

It is now the No. 1 Chinese-language newspaper in Eagle, Colorado. Continue Reading →

How are you coping with Linsanity?

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Jeremy Lin Does "The Dougie"

2011 just met 2012. Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin Tells You How to Get Into Harvard

He didn't major in Theatre. Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin Doubters Have Centralized in One Location

I’ll say it: the people of South Dakota have something against people named "Jeremy." Continue Reading →
Jazz Knicks Basketball

Jeremy Lin Name Puns for Any Occasion!

*Jeremy Lin and the Knicks keep winning …* … all they do is LIN … Duh, LINning … LINsanity Jeremy Lin complains about playing time/contract … … world's ... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin’s Nerdy Pregame Handshake

Someone has to say it: Harvard grads are nerds. Continue Reading →

The Inevitable Jeremy Lin Taiwanese Animation

It's their most heart-felt animation yet. Continue Reading →

The Inevitable Jeremy Lin Rap Tribute

Writing a tribute rap for him after just one game would have been insane? Two games, though? Fine. Continue Reading →

Knicks Guard Jeremy Lin Surprisingly Good at Basketball for Someone Named "Jeremy"

The New York Knicks have won back-to-back games for the first time in a month thanks to the surprisingly stellar play of point guard Jeremy Lin. "I know this may sound stereotypical," ... Continue Reading →