Mike Martz, Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler Breaks Up with His Center After Bad Snap

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler severed all ties with Bears center Chris Spencer today after a fumbled snap while practicing goal line plays at training camp. After the ball fell ... Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler Went As A Twinkie For Halloween

The soft, creamy filling was his heart. (via KSK) Continue Reading →

2 QBs Jay Cutler Can Use As Examples To Improve His Image

Dog-killing and sexual assault allegations don’t matter if you’re TOUGH. Continue Reading →

"Jay Cutler Visits The Doctor": A Short Play

*Scene:* A doctor's office exam room. Jay Cutler sits alone. The door opens. [[[chat]]]Dr. Steve: Hi, Jay. How are you today? Cutler: Hi, Dr. Steve. I'm okay. Dr. Steve: ... Continue Reading →

What are your thoughts on Jay Cutler’s injury?

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This Guy Doesn’t Think Jay Cutler is Very Mature

Jay Cutler doesn’t think this guy is very mature. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler will never be a fullback

And I guess it's still undecided if he'll ever be a quarterback. Continue Reading →

A giant Chicago Bears inflatable deflates and dies after being struck by an overthrown Jay Cutler pass.

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49ers safety Michael Lewis raises his hand to politely ask Jay Cutler to throw him an interception, too.

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"Ouch-y. The booing makes my ear parts sad."

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