Adam Silver Arrives at Work to Find Jason Kidd Sitting at His Desk

NBA commissioner Adam Silver arrived at his office for work this morning only to find Jason Kidd sitting at his desk and using the phone. Continue Reading →
Kidd BR

Jason Kidd Spills Acid All Over His Team

Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd accidentally tripped and fell today, knocking over a giant barrel of hydrofluoric acid which spilled all over his players, burning and melting their ... Continue Reading →

Lakers Keep Asking Steve Nash if He Saw That Jason Kidd Retired

Steve Nash's cellphone lit up Monday morning. "I was working out and came back to my locker and saw my phone," said the Lakers point guard. "I had 20 voice mails ... Continue Reading →

Jason Kidd’s Awful 1994 Rap Song

He's "kicking ass like Jim Kelly." Congratulations? Continue Reading →

Birthday signs mean the most when people who can’t even spell take the time to write them.

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