The NBA’s Top 9 Players Named “James”

1. James Harden Why he’s better than LeBron: James Harden’s team beat LeBron’s team on March 1, 2015. Also, Harden kicked LeBron in the crotch, which is the modern ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Makes Ricky Rubio Fall on the Ground with a Crossover

Imagine what James Harden would do to a defender of James Harden’s abilities. Yikes.  Continue Reading →

James Harden Still Wowing Fans by Growing Hair Out of His Face

Houston Rockets guard James Harden continues to be an NBA fan favorite thanks to his remarkable ability to grow hair out of the lower portion of his face. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Sets New Personal Record for Not Caring About Defense

Well, he didn’t sit down on the court. So that’s a positive. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Shoots One-Legged Free Throws

Wax on, wax off is a good defensive philosophy for mirroring the ball. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Doesn’t Even Attempt to Play Defense

It’s okay, though, because he has a beard and therefore not playing defense is eccentric. Or something like that. Continue Reading →

James Harden is DeAngelo Hall; DeAngelo Hall is James Harden

Sorry, James. You’re now an overrated NFL defensive back. Continue Reading →

James Harden Has No Friends

Bearded people tend to be unclean. Continue Reading →

James Harden Haircut

That’s … flattering? Continue Reading →

James Harden Has Ankles Broken by a Nigerian Basketball Player

In his defense, he might be diving. Continue Reading →

USA Basketball Riding Segways, Y’all!

It’s decided. The 1992 Dream Team was better. Continue Reading →

James Harden Pineapple Head

Beards! Continue Reading →

James Harden’s Inevitable Evolution

He’ll never play in away games unless he is medicated before the flight. Continue Reading →

NBA History Made with Double Flop

Manu Ginobili's flop disease is contagious. AHHHH! Run for your lives! Continue Reading →

James Harden Cake

Metta World Peace wants to eat that. Continue Reading →

James Harden’s HOF Flop

You'd think his beard would save him from such malicious blows to the face. Continue Reading →