Cleveland’s new billboard is incredibly depressing

Workers have removed the iconic "We Are All Witnesses" billboard of Lebron James in downtown Cleveland. What has been put up in its place is far more depressing than the empty ... Continue Reading →

As though Jake Delhomme didn’t do enough to embarrass himself on the field

This Jake Delhomme commercial should also have its contract bought out. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →

After he sabotaged their chances at a championship for much of the last decade, the Panthers have finally cut Jake Delhomme.

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Panthers Center Refusing To Snap The Ball To Jake Delhomme

Every center in football has one job: snap the ball cleanly to his quarterback and then pick up his blocking assignment. But Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil says he has decided ... Continue Reading →

Steve Smith says what we’re all thinking

Perhaps you watched Jake Delhomme's Week 1 performance against the Philadelphia Eagles on television. Unfortunately for Panthers receiver Steve Smith, he had to experience it firsthand. Fast-forward ... Continue Reading →