Scouts Concerned Over Reports Jadeveon Clowney Spends Nearly a Third of Every Day Just Laying in Bed

Concerns that NFL Draft prospect Jadeveon Clowney may have a subpar work ethic cropped up again today due to reports that the former South Carolina Gamecock spends nearly a third of ... Continue Reading →
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Jadeveon Clowney Wows Scouts by Playing Through Four Concussions in NFL Combine Head Bludgeoning Test

Former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney demonstrated an ability to play through repeated head trauma today, impressing scouts who feared he might not be willing to sacrifice ... Continue Reading →

Jadeveon Clowney’s Stock Plummets After He Fails to Decapitate Anyone

South Carolina beat North Carolina 27-10 in college football’s marquee opener Thursday night, but the story coming out of the game was the disappointing performance by Gamecocks ... Continue Reading →

South Carolina Likes Big Hits More Than Kids with Cancer

Maybe it’s time for them to secede again. And Hawaii’s statehood is revoked, too. Continue Reading →

South Carolina is Still Very Much Enjoying Jadeveon Clowney’s Hit

Should have put that ad in a Michigan newspaper. Continue Reading →