NFL Schedules Jaguars-Titans Games for This Weekend to Get Them Over With

The NFL announced its 2014 schedule tonight, filling September, October, November and December with its standard slate of Thursday, Sunday and Monday games. But there was once slight ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Jason Babin Ripped Out Andre Ellington’s Dreads on a Tackle

  In his tribe, they scalp victims. Continue Reading →
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Jacksonville Jaguars to Give Growing Big Beards a Try

Looking for anything that might turn their season around and make them successful on the field, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided today that they will all grow big, bushy beards. “Look ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Regis Philbin Flexing in Jaguars Jersey Because

Any chance you can throw, Reg?  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Denver’s Channel 9 Reports That The Jaguars Suck

  Apparently they didn’t pretend well enough to convince the Denver media.  Continue Reading →

The Jaguars’ Keys to the Game for Jaguars vs. Broncos

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PICTURE: Jacksonville-Area Target Now Selling Jaguars’ Gear for Low, Low Price of $0

That outfit is still worth more than Blaine Gabbert. – – – – – (photo via @michael22w) Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot Gets Pummeled with Paintballs Because the Jaguars are Terrible

Now do Gabbert! Continue Reading →

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Free Beer Ticket Offer: The Fine Print is Where They Get You

– – – – – Also see … Application for the Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach position Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Single Digits of People Turn Out for Jaguar Fans’ Tim Tebow Rally

Getting an entire game crowd to show up for one player like this is a pretty big coup! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Jaguars Depants Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson

They’re just trying to distract people from Blaine Gabbert. Continue Reading →
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Jaguars Excited for Start of Training Camp: “We all know it only goes downhill from here”

Jacksonville Jaguars training camp got under way this week at the team’s training facility and players showed up with a noticeable spring in their step. “It’s a lot ... Continue Reading →

London Shuts Off Lights, Gets Really Quiet on Report that Jacksonville Jaguars are Coming

The city of London has been dark and seemingly vacant since yesterday's news that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell may be looking to move the Jacksonville Jaguars there. "Look, ... Continue Reading →

Application for the Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Position

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One Thing All Americans Agree On: Mark Sanchez is Terrible

His awfulness unites us all. Continue Reading →

Warren Moon Says Criticism of Blaine Gabbert is Not Racially Motivated: “He just sucks”

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon sprang to the defense of embattled second-year Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton this week, saying that much of the criticism directed at ... Continue Reading →

Transcript of the “Mike Mularkey Show”

[Musical intro, mixed with play-by-play calls] [[[chat]]] Announcer: Welcome to the Mike Mularkey Show on the Jaguars Radio Network. Join head coach Mike Mularkey and Brian Sexton, ... Continue Reading →

The Tickets Sales Approaches of 6 Awful NFL Teams

#1 – The Support Group Approach Be there. Together. Because if you're alone and watch this team, well … let's not even think about it. Their ticket number probably ... Continue Reading →