Handicapper: Super Bowl

SAINTS vs. COLTS (-5) There's nothing that can be added to any analysis of these teams or this game at this point after two weeks of hype. Instead, let's take a look at some ... Continue Reading →

Madden Super Bowl Sim Predicts Computer Will Make Drew Brees Throw Late INT

If EA Sports is right, the Indianapolis Colts will hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl XLIV. Using a video game simulation of Super Bowl XLIV with their football franchiseMadden ... Continue Reading →

Member of Peyton Manning’s Posse Opens Fire Inside Nightclub

TMZ is reporting that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and several members of his entourage were arrested early this morning after one of them opened fire inside a Miami gentleman’s ... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Lets Jim Caldwell Address the Colts

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning had a special treat for his team today before practice, letting a man who has worked behind the scenes for the team for many years address ... Continue Reading →

Saints Scout Team QB Does His Hilarious Peyton Manning Impression

New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Mark Brunell had his teammates doubled over with laughter when he did his famous Peyton Manning impression at practice today. "Oh, man! Mark! ... Continue Reading →

Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLIV

Who cares about the players! Here are the hottest cheerleaders in Super Bowl XLIV. Continue Reading →

Indianapolis Colts Fans: In Pictures

These are the people who will be cheering on the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV: "Honey, I think we had a bye this week." Unbeknownst to their father, the boys were far more interested ... Continue Reading →

New Orleans, Indianapolis Mayors Wager Their Homeless in Super Bowl Bet

There is a lot more than the Lombardi Trophy on the line next Sunday. There are also some 12,000 homeless people up for grabs, too. A friendly Super Bowl wager between the mayors of ... Continue Reading →

Who is Jim Caldwell?

The Indianapolis Colts are in the Super Bowl. Chances are they have a head coach. Who is this guy? Here are some facts about … about … it says here "Jim Caldwell." Jim ... Continue Reading →

Handicapper: Conference Championships

Let's focus on the keys to the game for each team in Sunday's conference championship games. 3:05 p.m. ET New York Jets at Indianapolis (-7.5) >>> Colts key to the ... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Ravens Moving to Indianapolis Under Cover of Playoff Game

Indianapolis has done it again. Twenty-six years after the Colts left town, Baltimore is losing the Ravens to Indianapolis, too. Win or lose against the Colts in their divisional round ... Continue Reading →

"I let you coach one game as a Christmas present and this is what you do?"

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Peyton Manning asks each of the Jaguars fans at Jacksonville Stadium to shush so he can call a play.

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"I’m about to make one of the dumbest coaching decisions in the history of sports. Care to stop me? No? Okay. Let’s do it."

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Longtime Backup QB to Muster Up Courage to Ask for a Promotion

Six years into his career with the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Sorgi is starting to think he is in a dead-end job. “I’ve worked for the Colts since 2004. I’ve put in ... Continue Reading →

DRAFT: Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Colts

DRAFT: Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Colts — With Marvin Harrison finally out of the picture in Indianapolis, Gonzalez's numbers should be well above last year's totals of 57 ... Continue Reading →

Colts Grammar Fail

It’s not like grammar is set in stone or anything. Continue Reading →