Blue State America Does Not Want to Get Rid of Peyton Manning

Andrew Luck is the president of Red State America. Continue Reading →

Coming This Summer, "CSI: Manning"

They play good cop, derp cop. Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Spends All Day on His Swing Set After Being Cleared to Play

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning spent all day playing yesterday after getting the all-clear from doctors that his injured neck has healed. "Anyone who knows Peyton ... Continue Reading →

Jim Irsay is Shooter McGavin

He eats Peyton Manning and pieces of shit for breakfast. Continue Reading →

Eli-Peyton Noogie Tattoo

So now the noogieee has become the noogier Continue Reading →

Super Bowl XLVI to Feature Pregame Tribute to NFL Legend Lucas Oil

As the Super Bowl descends on Indianapolis for the very first time, the NFL has announced plans to honor Lucas Oil, the man after whom the Colts' stadium is named. Oil, who died ... Continue Reading →

Colts Continue Overhaul as Peyton Manning Has Team Owner Jim Irsay Brutally Murdered

The Indianapolis Colts continued their dramatic overhaul today as Peyton Manning had Jim Irsay brutally murdered. The team owner's head was placed on a spike outside the Colts' ... Continue Reading →

Large, Peyton Manning Look-Alike Attempts World Record for Vienna Sausage Eating

Another proud moment in Colts history. Continue Reading →

Weatherman Vows to Wear His Wife’s Panties if the Colts Don’t Win

Usually weathermen have much more dignity than this. Continue Reading →

The Indianapolis Super Bowl Shuffle

So it turns out the Colts are not the most embarrassing thing about Indianapolis this year. What an upset. Continue Reading →

Which NFL team is most likely to go 0-16?

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Jim Caldwell is the Fish from SpongeBob

Colts fans might take their chances with the fish coaching. Continue Reading →

Bob Sanders as "Mr. Glass"

Before this year, Peyton Manning was the Bruce Willis character. Continue Reading →