VIDEO: George Hill Airballs Free Throw vs. Heat

Fun Fact: The free throw line is 15-feet from the basket. Every time.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cameraman’s Leg Falls Asleep During Pacers Preseason Game

He is the Willis Reed of cameramen.  Continue Reading →

David Stern Vows Heat-Pacers Game 7 “Will have a shocking surprise ending fans will love”

NBA commissioner David Stern encouraged fans to tune into the Heat-Pacers series finale Monday night, promising "an ending that will have fans buzzing for days." "I ... Continue Reading →

Do you think the Pacers can eliminate the Heat?

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Report: Heat Fans Loves Nickelback

Seems true. I saw it on TV. Feels true, too. Continue Reading →
NBA: Indiana Pacers at Memphis Grizzlies

Guy Who Normally Complains About the Same Teams Being in the Playoffs Now Complaining About Pacers and Grizzlies

Your friend Jeff, who normally around this time of year is bitching about "the same teams always being in the playoffs," now has a stick up his ass about the Indiana Pacers ... Continue Reading →

Spike Lee VideoBombs Reggie Miller

Well, that totally pays him back for knocking the Knicks out of the playoffs. Continue Reading →

NBA Ref Channels Enrico Palazzo for Foul Call

You've now officially seen a lord a'leaping. Continue Reading →

Gerald Green Can Probably Dunk

Tip: Jumping that high is bad for your knees, so don’t do it. Continue Reading →

Frank Vogel Spins Basketball on Toothbrush While Brushing His Teeth

We can't call Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson the greatest coaches anymore. Continue Reading →

Irate Pacers Fans Destroy Corn, a Duck in Postgame Riots

Following the Pacers' 105-93 loss to the Miami Heat on Thursday to end their 2012 season, the team's fans took to the streets in anger. Reminiscent of riots from Canucks ... Continue Reading →

TNT Provides Amazing Glimpse of Heat-Pacers Game from the Future

Dwyane Wade really ages well. Continue Reading →

Pacers Warn Players About Going Amare Stoudemire on Fire Extinguishers

Tape won’t stop an Amare attack. Continue Reading →