Houston Texans Super Bowl Champions Tattoo

It was the only way to cover up his L.A. Clippers championship tattoo. Continue Reading →

Texans Fan Either Wants a New Coach Or Wants To Hide

Texans fans are worse at spelling than the Texans are at football. Continue Reading →

Brian Cushing Seems To Have Some Rage Issues

Cushing should consider overtraining his self-control. Continue Reading →

Rusty Smith’s Grandpa Hates How DBs Intercept Passes These Days

In his day, no quarterbacks were good. And he was grateful! Continue Reading →

Texans Fan Has a Sign She’d Like You to Read

Earlier in the year she had a "Huzzah!" sign. (via KSK) Continue Reading →

It Was Nice of Andre Johnson to Not Make Cortland Finnegan Bite the Curb First

And finally the Titans and Texans are interesting. That only took forever. Continue Reading →

Andre Johnson Destroys Cortland Finnegan in a Fight

Fun Fact: No one named Cortland Finnegan has ever won a fight. Continue Reading →

Houston Texans Achieve Highest Power Rankings Spot in Franchise History

Many said it could never be done. But the Houston Texans used that doubt to fuel them and this week, for the first time in franchise history, earned a Top-5 spot in an NFL power rankings ... Continue Reading →

Gruesome, Career-Threatening Injury a YouTube Sensation

Texans defensive end Connor Barwin and Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver both suffered horrific leg injuries on Sunday that will likely keep them out for the remainder of the season, ... Continue Reading →

A little help here?

Actually, a lot of help here? Continue Reading →

Matt Schaub excitedly displays the Giant Silver Vagina Trophy he earned as MVP of the Pro Bowl.

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Running Play Dies in Committee

A key running play in the Houston Texans’ loss to the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday died in the team’s running back committee, sources say. The long-awaited debut of “20 ... Continue Reading →

AVOID: Ryan Moats, RB, Texans

AVOID: Ryan Moats, RB, Texans — Houston running back Steve Slaton fumbled his first carry of the day on Sunday against the Bills. That turnover put Slaton, a fumble machine this ... Continue Reading →