Matt Schaub Wowing Raider Teammates With Tales of 2012 Wildcard Win Over Bengals

New Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub has found it easy to establish his credibility in the team’s locker room, armed with the tale of his magical 19-13 win over the Cincinnati ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Houston Bar Mocks Matt Schaub with Pick-6 Burger Toppings

They also offer a burger in honor of Brian Cushing that is overcooked. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Houston Texans Fan Brings Own Toilet to Tailgate

Yes, you truly are Texans. Continue Reading →

J.J. Watt is Miniature Next to Yao Ming

The Jets will now sign Yao Ming to be a pass rusher. Continue Reading →

Nothing Says “Classy” Like a J.J. Watt Wedding Cake

This must be from a royal wedding. Continue Reading →

Texans TE Owen Daniels is Feeling Pretty

Tom Brady might have some competition. Continue Reading →

The NFL’s Slut Cheerleader Photo Layout

JJ Watt only touches sluts with those gloves. Continue Reading →

J.J. Watt Makes Fun of Tiny Ray Rice

Mmmmmm. Rice burrito. Continue Reading →

Arian Foster Makes a Good Point

People say I can't be a vegan. But all Mario ate was flowers and mushrooms and look how big & strong he was. Plus he could spit fireballs.— Arian Foster (@ArianFoster) ... Continue Reading →

The OFFICIAL NFL Wildcard Weekend Drinking Game

Continue Reading →

Nothing Says "Same Ole Postseason" like the Bengals and Texans

Perhaps it’s familiar because every year is different? So deep. Continue Reading →

How Has #F*cksnuggies Never Trended on Twitter Before

From @ConnorBarwin98 AKA Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin … – – – – – Continue Reading →

Of Course Hooters Believes in Matt Leinart

Although they’re probably upset that they’re losing his usual Sunday business. Continue Reading →

Houston Texans Super Bowl Champions Tattoo

It was the only way to cover up his L.A. Clippers championship tattoo. Continue Reading →

Texans Fan Either Wants a New Coach Or Wants To Hide

Texans fans are worse at spelling than the Texans are at football. Continue Reading →

Brian Cushing Seems To Have Some Rage Issues

Cushing should consider overtraining his self-control. Continue Reading →

Rusty Smith’s Grandpa Hates How DBs Intercept Passes These Days

In his day, no quarterbacks were good. And he was grateful! Continue Reading →

Texans Fan Has a Sign She’d Like You to Read

Earlier in the year she had a "Huzzah!" sign. (via KSK) Continue Reading →