PICTURE: Houston Bar Mocks Matt Schaub with Pick-6 Burger Toppings

They also offer a burger in honor of Brian Cushing that is overcooked. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Houston Texans Fan Brings Own Toilet to Tailgate

Yes, you truly are Texans. Continue Reading →

J.J. Watt is Miniature Next to Yao Ming

The Jets will now sign Yao Ming to be a pass rusher. Continue Reading →

Nothing Says “Classy” Like a J.J. Watt Wedding Cake

This must be from a royal wedding. Continue Reading →

Texans TE Owen Daniels is Feeling Pretty

Tom Brady might have some competition. Continue Reading →

The NFL’s Slut Cheerleader Photo Layout

JJ Watt only touches sluts with those gloves. Continue Reading →

J.J. Watt Makes Fun of Tiny Ray Rice

Mmmmmm. Rice burrito. Continue Reading →

Arian Foster Makes a Good Point

People say I can't be a vegan. But all Mario ate was flowers and mushrooms and look how big & strong he was. Plus he could spit fireballs.— Arian Foster (@ArianFoster) ... Continue Reading →

The OFFICIAL NFL Wildcard Weekend Drinking Game

Continue Reading →

Nothing Says "Same Ole Postseason" like the Bengals and Texans

Perhaps it’s familiar because every year is different? So deep. Continue Reading →

How Has #F*cksnuggies Never Trended on Twitter Before

From @ConnorBarwin98 AKA Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin … - – – – - Continue Reading →

Of Course Hooters Believes in Matt Leinart

Although they’re probably upset that they’re losing his usual Sunday business. Continue Reading →

Houston Texans Super Bowl Champions Tattoo

It was the only way to cover up his L.A. Clippers championship tattoo. Continue Reading →