The NBA’s Top 9 Players Named “James”

1. James Harden Why he’s better than LeBron: James Harden’s team beat LeBron’s team on March 1, 2015. Also, Harden kicked LeBron in the crotch, which is the modern ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Makes Ricky Rubio Fall on the Ground with a Crossover

Imagine what James Harden would do to a defender of James Harden’s abilities. Yikes.  Continue Reading →

James Harden Still Wowing Fans by Growing Hair Out of His Face

Houston Rockets guard James Harden continues to be an NBA fan favorite thanks to his remarkable ability to grow hair out of the lower portion of his face. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Sets New Personal Record for Not Caring About Defense

Well, he didn’t sit down on the court. So that’s a positive. Continue Reading →

Former Rocket Pete Chilcutt on Getting Snubbed from “22 Jump Street” Promos: “They’re not getting my $12.50”

A promotion for the new “22 Jump Street” movie has been running throughout the NBA Finals showing stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum talking to Clyde Drexler and Robert ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The Most Portland Fan Sign Rips Houston for Not Recycling

Their food probably isn’t even locally sourced, the monsters. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Dwight Howard is Such a Good Teammate He Even Passes to Teammates on the Bench

Hey, Omer Asik was wide open. No way to criticize Dwight Howard here. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: World’s Dumbest Girl Thinks She Met Dwight Howard

Maybe the Lakers can sign that random guy. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Shoots One-Legged Free Throws

Wax on, wax off is a good defensive philosophy for mirroring the ball. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: James Harden Doesn’t Even Attempt to Play Defense

It’s okay, though, because he has a beard and therefore not playing defense is eccentric. Or something like that. Continue Reading →

Rockets Players Say Dwight Howard Isn’t Too Big of an Asshole So Far

Dwight Howard’s Houston Rockets teammates say they don’t yet completely hate the former Magic and Lakers big man, who signed with the Rockets as a free agent in July. “I’m ... Continue Reading →

Rockets Lose Dwight Howard Sweepstakes, Sign Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard announced late Friday night that he would sign a free agent contract with the Houston Rockets, making the Rockets the clear loser in the Howard sweepstakes. “Oh, ... Continue Reading →

Pantsless Kid Strolls Through Houston Rockets Pregame Show

Clearly just a ploy to pander to the toddler boy market. Continue Reading →

Latest Check From “Linsanity” Copyright Nets Jeremy Lin $1.37

by Ross Snow Just a year removed from filing to copyright the term "Linsanity," former New York Knick Jeremy Lin received his smallest royalty check to date, one totaling ... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin’s “SportsCenter” Commercial

Nerds are dumb. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Taps Chandler Parsons in the Unmentionables

They were just mentioned. Hmm. What now. Continue Reading →

James Harden is DeAngelo Hall; DeAngelo Hall is James Harden

Sorry, James. You’re now an overrated NFL defensive back. Continue Reading →

Former Knicks Backup Jimmy Ling Returning to Play His Old Team for the First Time

Almost lost at the bottom of the game notes for Monday night's Knicks-Rockets game at Madison Square Garden is the fact that a former Knicks backup point guard will be playing ... Continue Reading →