Maryland’s Governor Knows Nothing About Sports

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11 Kentucky Derby Drinks That Aren’t the Mint Julep

Mint Julep "Jockey Style" Make a traditional Mint Julep. Except instead of a regular glass, use a thimble. Elite Mint Julep A favorite of the horse owners! Make a traditional ... Continue Reading →

Beer-Drinking Horse is a Matt Cain Fan

The horses who smoke weed are more into Tim Lincecum. Continue Reading →

If the Marlins Stadium Designer Did Other Sports Venues

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Weiner Dog Races at the Horsetrack

It's no less pointless than horseracing. Continue Reading →

Kentucky Derby Champion Reportedly Living in Squalor in a Barn

Despite earning his owner and handlers more than $1.5 million by winning the Kentucky Derby, champion thoroughbred Animal Kingdom is reportedly destitute and living in a barn, sleeping ... Continue Reading →

Thoroughbred Name Suggestions for Any Interest

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If State License Plate Slogans Were About Sports

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The New Mascot of the Preakness Stakes: Kegasus

Outside of the drunkeness, gambling and cruelty to animals, horse racing is pretty classy! Continue Reading →

If The Sports Section Had a Job Listings Page

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Ron Jeremy Wins Horse Race

He probably won by a penis. Continue Reading →

10 Funny Horse Racing Calls

http://superbooyah.com/index.php/Home/Top-10-s/Sports/The-10-Funniest-Horse-Race-Announcer-Calls-Of-All-Time.html Hoof Hearted? No, really? Hoof? Continue Reading →

Zenyatta Turns Heads with Revealing Saddle

Zenyatta, the mare who had dominated the horse racing world this year, lost her first career race on Saturday at the Breeders' Cup. But it was a bold saddle choice that will likely ... Continue Reading →