Kentucky Derby Champion Reportedly Living in Squalor in a Barn

Despite earning his owner and handlers more than $1.5 million by winning the Kentucky Derby, champion thoroughbred Animal Kingdom is reportedly destitute and living in a barn, sleeping ... Continue Reading →

Thoroughbred Name Suggestions for Any Interest

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If State License Plate Slogans Were About Sports

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The New Mascot of the Preakness Stakes: Kegasus

Outside of the drunkeness, gambling and cruelty to animals, horse racing is pretty classy! Continue Reading →

If The Sports Section Had a Job Listings Page

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Ron Jeremy Wins Horse Race

He probably won by a penis. Continue Reading →

10 Funny Horse Racing Calls

http://superbooyah.com/index.php/Home/Top-10-s/Sports/The-10-Funniest-Horse-Race-Announcer-Calls-Of-All-Time.html Hoof Hearted? No, really? Hoof? Continue Reading →

Zenyatta Turns Heads with Revealing Saddle

Zenyatta, the mare who had dominated the horse racing world this year, lost her first career race on Saturday at the Breeders' Cup. But it was a bold saddle choice that will likely ... Continue Reading →

Jockey Fight!

Look at those tiny fists of fury. Continue Reading →

If this horse racing announcer was a horse, he would be put down

I mean, just listen to this guy's ridiculous voice. Absurd! (VIDEO) Continue Reading →

Lookin At Lucky stripped of Preakness title due to nude web photos

Lookin At Lucky, the winner of this weekend's Preakness Stakes, will have his title stripped by Triple Crown officials due to the discovery of salacious, genitals-baring photos ... Continue Reading →

Authorities swoop in after receiving reports that a small Mexican man was trying to steal silver at the Preakness.

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SportsPickle’s Kentucky Derby Viewing Guide

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, which means that you may find yourself in a situation where you need to act like you know a thing or two about the sport of kings. Here are a few ... Continue Reading →

The 13 Worst (Real) Thoroughbred Names in Kentucky Derby History

Gold Shower (1943) Sure, you can say this horse’s name didn’t have the same meaning in the ’40s because back then there was nothing called a “golden shower.” ... Continue Reading →