California Chrome Not Too Disappointed About Losing Triple Crown Because He’s a Stupid Fucking Horse

Despite failing to be the first horse to win the Triple Crown since 1978, California Chrome is not too disappointed over failing to achieve history in light of him being a stupid fucking ... Continue Reading →

The 17 Worst (Real) Horse Names in Belmont Stakes History

Accountant (1906) Continue Reading →

California Chrome’s Handlers Deny Horse’s Vegas Party Weekend Shows a Lack of Focus

California Chrome was spotted partying in Las Vegas this weekend, touching off a flurry of speculation that the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes champion is not focused on his Triple ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Yahoo Reveals California Chrome’s “Nasal Strips” are Actually a Race Car Engine

Sorry, California Chrome, but a horse driving an Indy Car is blatant cheating. Nasal strips, my horse ass. Continue Reading →

California Chrome Denied Request to Not Get Whipped by Some Little Asshole Riding on His Back

California Chrome has gotten approval to wear a nasal strip during the Belmont Stakes, keeping alive the horse’s chance to become just the sport’s 12th Triple Crown winner. ... Continue Reading →

10 Amazing Photos of Athletes Twerking

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Orb Pretty Bummed About Having to Spend the Weekend in Baltimore

The handlers of Kentucky Derby winner Orb say the horse has been acting sad and lethargic in recent days after hearing its next race is in Baltimore at the Preakness Stakes. "Orb ... Continue Reading →

The 5 Worst Kentucky Derby Fashion Disasters of 2013

5. Orb Champion or not, the mud-splattered torso look appears sloppy, while Orb's tail looks short and tangled. A tacky Yum! logo on his shirt makes it even worse. Total fail. ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Shrieks with Delight Just as You Thought He Would

The celebration was unfortunately abandoned when he spotted a spider. EEEEEEEEK! Continue Reading →

Thousands to Get Drunk, Put on Stupid Hats and Yell at Little People Riding Around on Horses in Depraved Ritual

Thousands of people plan to an engage in an odd and deranged annual ritual this weekend in which they will get blindingly drunk, wear absurd hats and then loudly yell as little people ... Continue Reading →

8 Famous Athletes and Celebrities Who Don’t Look Anything Like Them

Lebron James and James Woods! - – – – - Joe Flacco and Ann Curry! Continue Reading →

Badass Horse Pulls a Mike Tyson During Horserace

It's time we sanction the sport of horse-fighting. Continue Reading →

I’ll Have Another’s Best Pickup Lines

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