High School Football Team Doesn’t Expect to Win

At least the sign doesn’t say "Give us our last rites". Continue Reading →

Pee-Wee Football Player Lays the Pee-Wee Lumber

There's crying in pee-wee football. Lots and lots of crying. Continue Reading →

Bad Snap Becomes Great Touchdown

Keith Marshall's suprising touchdown run from The Wolfpacker on Vimeo. The Dallas Cowboys should try this play. Continue Reading →

"Ain’t No Way" This Pass was Completed

Someone hire him to be a color analyst. Continue Reading →

High School Play of the Year

It's really not hard to pull off amazing plays when no one tackles you. Continue Reading →

High School Cheerleader Run Over by Football Player

What an accident … that he grabbed her boobs. Total mistake. Continue Reading →

Deaf Minnesotans Think High School Football is a Big Orgy

It’s only like a big orgy during hazing. Continue Reading →

No One Has Ever Liked High School Football More Than This Texan

Clear eyes, full hearts, mouths with missing teeth, CAN'T LOSE! Continue Reading →