No-Look, Backwards 2-Point Conversion

Just how they drew it up. When the coaching staff got drunk one night. Continue Reading →

10 MORE High Schools With Better Team Names Than Your High School’s

SportsPickle published a list of 10 high schools with great team names. You submitted other schools that deserved to make the list. Here they are … – – – – – #10 ... Continue Reading →

High School Football Ad Fail

Sadly, many schools are cutting their pube budgets. Continue Reading →

The Greatest Streaker in the History of Streaking (Warning: Bare Hindquarters)

He streaks for their high school track team. Continue Reading →

High School Quarterback Throws Great Pass to Referee’s Head

That's detention. Continue Reading →

Coach Taylor Wants to Talk to You and Tell You Something

He's a very realistic coach because he says the same thing over and over. Continue Reading →

Golf Cart Has the Biggest Hit at State Championship Football Game

That's for all the golf team members who were cut from the football team. Continue Reading →

8 Great Moments from the 2011 High School Football Season

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Wide Receiver Sets State Playoff Record for Broken Tackles

That's pretty rude. Like 7 different guys asked him nicely to go down. Continue Reading →

Matrix Juke Sets High School Kick Returner Free

It's harder to do that move while returning a kick in a trench coat. Continue Reading →

Here’s How You Body Slam a High School Quarterback

He's probably a better wrestler than football player. Continue Reading →

The Most Exciting High School Field Goal Ever

I am hearing reports that the kick is good. Continue Reading →

High School Football Streaker Not Welcome by Security

That security guy probably played linebacker there last year. Continue Reading →

High School Football Team Doesn’t Expect to Win

At least the sign doesn’t say "Give us our last rites". Continue Reading →

Pee-Wee Football Player Lays the Pee-Wee Lumber

There's crying in pee-wee football. Lots and lots of crying. Continue Reading →

Bad Snap Becomes Great Touchdown

Keith Marshall's suprising touchdown run from The Wolfpacker on Vimeo. The Dallas Cowboys should try this play. Continue Reading →

"Ain’t No Way" This Pass was Completed

Someone hire him to be a color analyst. Continue Reading →

High School Play of the Year

It's really not hard to pull off amazing plays when no one tackles you. Continue Reading →