VIDEO: Bench-Warmer HS WR Makes Recruiting Video for Division I Programs

He should definitely be recruited by all the top video production programs. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Warren De LaSalle (Mich) is the Most Bro-tastic HS Football Team Ever

So they can beat the Lions. But can they beat Kentucky? Continue Reading →
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VIDEO: Texas High School Perfectly Executes Trick Onside Kick

Looks like they’ve found the next hot coaching prospect to take over at Texas. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: High School Kicker Banks Extra Point Off of Opponent’s Head

If that’s not humiliating, it’s 38-0. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: High School Football Coach Destroyed by Chest-Bump with Player

Hard to respect a coach who can’t withstand a simple full-speed chest bump. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: High School Football Screen Play Develops Over 33 Seconds

The defender crawling forward at the receiver’s feet. Not textbook tackling. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Whippersnapper Punter Kicks Ball Onto Old Man Coach

Let’s see how well he punts after getting beaten by a cane. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: High School Marching Band Trips All Over Each Other

A good reminder that most people join the band when they discover they’re not athletic enough go play sports. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: High School Player Has Helmet Turned Around by Facemask Penalty, Gets Crushed

He might want to snap his helmet a little tighter. Or get eye holes in the back of his helmet. Either or. Continue Reading →

The 9 Greatest Plays, Fails and Streakers from the 2012 High School and Youth Football Season

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High School Football Bounce Pass

Donovan McNabb should have tried this in the NFL. Continue Reading →

Intercepted Snap in High School Football Game

That center is the worst quarterback ever. Continue Reading →

October’s Funniest Sports Videos

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High School Football Streaker Destroyed

That blitzing man should coach the team's linebackers. Continue Reading →

Pee-Wee Football Defensive Back: Biggest Pee-Wee Choker EVER?!?!

He's going to get destroyed on pee-wee football talk radio. Continue Reading →

Heavy Winds Turn Punt Backwards Into a Safety

That hurts the punting average. Continue Reading →

Possibly the Best High School Football TD Pass Ever

He has a weird throwing motion. Continue Reading →

High School Cheerleader Sets World Record for Backflips

She's athletic. She should consider playing a sport. Continue Reading →