VIDEO: Jerk HS Girl Breaks Rim with Free Throw

That’s detention, young lady! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Over-the-Shoulder Shot Sends High School Game Into Overtime

That’s why you practice those at practice every day. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The Longest Game-Winning Shot Attempt in Basketball History

They should’ve opened the gym doors to try to create a draft to push the ball in. Coaches today are so stupid.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Best High School Basketball Shot Ever? Best High School Basketball Shot Ever.

He should be given an A in gym class. Continue Reading →

Girl’s Full-Court Bounce Shot Goes In

Your shot is 10-feet short, hero! Continue Reading →

Watch Girls High School Basketball for the Vicious Elbows to the Face

That and the set-shots make it entertainment gold. Continue Reading →

World’s Largest Child Hits Buzzer Beater

His birth was in News Of The World and now this! Continue Reading →

High School Player Rudely Injures Opponent by Dunking on Him

He is first in his class in jumping. Continue Reading →

4-Foot-5, 11 Year-Old Basketball Player is Better Than You

And chances are he's probably going to get better. And you? Not. Continue Reading →

Kid Who Can’t Jump Tries to Dunk Over Basketball Rack

Another foot or two and he totally had that. Continue Reading →

High School Dunk Contest Goes Horribly Wrong

Elementary school dunk contests are usually even worse. Continue Reading →

10 MORE High Schools With Better Team Names Than Your High School’s

SportsPickle published a list of 10 high schools with great team names. You submitted other schools that deserved to make the list. Here they are … – – – – – #10 ... Continue Reading →

Football Play in High School Basketball All-Star Game

They all quickly fouled out for tackling. Continue Reading →

High School Basketball Announcer Freaks Out as a Soprano

Broadcast your high school on High School Cube His trademark catchphrase is anything shrieked until it hurts your ears. Continue Reading →

Great Moment in Terrible Girls’ Basketball Defense

Watch until the end for an exciting missed layup. Continue Reading →

Jerk High School Player Stops Game by Breaking Backboard

That's detention. Continue Reading →

Full-Court High School Buzzer Beater

After the buzzer, but awesomely after the buzzer. Continue Reading →

Great Crossover or World’s Worst Defender?

I've never seen anyone actually killed by a crossover before. Neat. Continue Reading →