Dumb Person Tries Dumb Thing on Balance Beam

It would be better for humanity if he had been mortally wounded. Continue Reading →

Polish Gymnast Is Very Flippy

He probably got good grades in gym. Continue Reading →

Gymnastic Guy Is Clearly Cheating

Looks like the attractive girl is about to go in his pants. Continue Reading →

Rhythmic and Obscene Gymnastics

She got a perfect 10.0 from the pervert judge. Continue Reading →

Urban Gymnasts Perform Painful Friendship Ritual

"I just threw up blood—I think it worked." Continue Reading →

I have never been so inspired by the NFL Films soundtrack

The autumn wind is an Indian, doing pole gymnastics just for fun. Continue Reading →

Let’s hope this kid is the future of U.S. Gymnastics

He just wants to work on his flexibility. And freaking out can stretch all of your muscles. Continue Reading →

This is the future of the U.S. men’s gymnastics team

Okay, maybe not. I don't think this guy is part of the U.S. gymnastics program. But if this happened more often when gymnasts attempted backflips, ratings would go through the ... Continue Reading →

Amazing Gymnast Performs Perfect Backflip on Bed

Next stop Winter Olympics! Continue Reading →