VIDEO: Greg Oden Now Spiking Volleyballs on the Faces of Girls

Kevin Durant doesn’t dominated girls volleyball like this. Greg Oden > Kevin Durant. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Portland Trail Blazers Had the Most Depressing First Tweet Ever

I’m too depressed to find out what Greg Oden’s first Tweet was. – – – – – Also see …  PICTURE: Trail Blazers fans blew the Durant-Oden ... Continue Reading →
Greg Oden facebook

Greg Oden Reportedly to Decide Between Heat, Spurs, Pelicans, Euthanasia

Former No. 1 overall pick and current free agent Greg Oden has concluded his workouts for NBA teams and is now reportedly set to decide between the Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, New ... Continue Reading →

Portland Trail Blazers Fans Should Have Honked Twice

All of the honking actually blew out Greg Oden’s eardrums. Continue Reading →

Greg Oden Opts to Have His Legs Amputated, Turns Focus to Wheelchair Basketball Career

Greg Oden's NBA career is over. After the star-crossed Portland Trail Blazers big man had yet another knee operation this week that resulted in unexpected microfracture surgery, ... Continue Reading →

Greg Oden Gets Humiliated by TMZ

Even TMZ probably wouldn't refer to Greg Oden as a "star". Continue Reading →

Lebron’s iPhone Auto-Correct is Set for Greg Oden Jokes

From @KingJames AKA Miami Heat forward Lebron James … – – – – – Continue Reading →

The Must-Have NBA Game This Holiday Season: O(den)peration!

It's definitely better than this game, which never even made it into stores: Continue Reading →

Greg Oden Enjoys Accuracy in His T-Shirts

Chances are he dislocates his shoulder taking that shirt off. Continue Reading →

7 Other Surgeries Named After Athletes

Tommy John isn't the only athlete with a surgery named after him. Here are a few others. Continue Reading →