Super Bowl Party Recipes from the Steelers and Packers

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Awestruck Packers Planning to Hold Camcorders During the Super Bowl

While the Green Bay Packers are slight favorites over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, many football analysts have said the Steelers' Super Bowl experience will give ... Continue Reading →

If the Players Asked the Super Bowl Media Day Questions

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"Teach Me How To Raji" Is The Death of Music

Teach me how to unsee what I just saw. Continue Reading →

Little Girl is Sad the Bears Lost

I want kids who are fans of my team's rival so I can taunt them and make them cry. Continue Reading →

Text Messages Brett Favre Received After the Packers Won the NFC Championship

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4 Tribute Songs That Will Make You Hate All 4 Remaining NFL Teams

Chicago Bears: "Hest Is The Best" Sample lyric: Hest is the best, meets the test, you know the man is blessed. Poetic license is fine, but there are limits. You can't ... Continue Reading →

Clay Matthews Thinking of Trying Out That P90X

Green Bay Packers linebacker and NFL sack machine Clay Matthews, Jr. says he is considering abandoning the team's workout regimen in favor of P90X videos. "It's pretty ... Continue Reading →

Favre Letter to Packers: "This is your last chance to start me at quarterback"

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Chicaco is a Creat Town

Co there today. It’s macical. Continue Reading →

Steelers, Jets, Packers, Bears And Their Office Equivalents

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Aaron Rodgers Fails To Acknowledge Child Who Will One Day Die

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers created a controversy today while shopping at a grocery store near his home. Witnesses say Rodgers purchased his groceries and left the ... Continue Reading →

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

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Packers Fan Does Lambeau Leap Backwards

You know, there's an outside chance that guy had imbibed alcohol. Continue Reading →

What lower seed has the best shot at winning the Super Bowl?

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His Other Car is a Lawnmower

Here’s someone who would be happy to have a pictured texted to him of Brett Favre’s dong. Continue Reading →

Aaron Rodgers Deserves a Much Better Tribute Song

You'd think Green Bay, Wisconsin would have better musical talent. Continue Reading →

Brett Favre Is As Indiscriminate With His Texts As He Is With The Football

Five years ago this woman probably would have given anything to receive an inappropriate text from Brett Favre. Continue Reading →