Aaron Rodgers in His Freshman Yearbook

He went on to be a star quarterback and the kid on the left is now a star murderer. Continue Reading →

Should the Packers rest their starters or go for 16-0?

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If Other NFL Teams Sold Stock

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Which of Green Bay’s remaining opponents has the best chance of beating them?

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Packers Cheesehead Bra

At least it’s not cottage cheese. Continue Reading →

Wisconsin, Minnesota … Same Thing

Who cares what shape their state is? This is sports, not geography, you nerd. Continue Reading →

Soccer Players Can’t Do the Lambeau Leap

This is why Green Bay doesn't have a soccer team. Well, one of the reasons. Continue Reading →

Packers Rock Anthem

Wisconsin's primary industries are cheese and Packers songs. Continue Reading →

A.J. Hawk Showing How Many Games He’ll be Suspended

Relax, guy. You’re playing the Rams. Continue Reading →

PSA: Being a Packers Fan Will Kill You

You should be a Bears fan instead and die a cured meats death. Continue Reading →

Mike McCarthy Naturally Assumed Aaron Rodgers is a Pervert

I can see that. But you'd think someone who looks like McCarthy would be more hip to the trends. Continue Reading →

Packers DB Gets a Super Bowl Ring Neck Tattoo

"DB" can mean more than "defensive back." Continue Reading →

In 3 Months, Wisconsin Sports Fans Created the 2 Worst Rap Songs of All-Time

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