Crazy-Eyed Tiger Woods Looking a Little Drunk

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Huge News: Jason Collins Inspired the Golf Hall of Fame Inductees

This will shake the conservative golf world. Continue Reading →

8 Famous Athletes and Celebrities Who Don’t Look Anything Like Them

Lebron James and James Woods! – – – – – Joe Flacco and Ann Curry! Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Lost the Masters by 4 Strokes as Americans Continue to Struggle with Basic Math

4 minus 2 equals … WOOOOOO! TIGER! Continue Reading →

Jim Nantz Pulled from Masters Broadcast for Repeated Use of Profanities

"Hello, f—kers." Those are the words Jim Nantz used to begin his call of the Masters on Sunday, the second day in a row he opened his broadcast with the crude alteration ... Continue Reading →

Honest Golf Course Rules

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What is your favorite part about the Masters?

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Pantsless Pro Golfer Hits Golf Out of Water Hazard

Maybe if he played with his pants on he wouldn't hit balls into the water. Continue Reading →

Bubba Watson’s Golf Cart Hovercraft

And you thought golf couldn't get any cooler. Continue Reading →

Caroline Wozniacki as Rory McIlroy is Almost as Terrifying as Rory McIlroy

She should think twice before breeding with that thing. Continue Reading →

Golf Boys “2.Oh”

Straight outta the country club. Continue Reading →

Anchored Putter Debate Rips America Apart as Nation Hurtles Toward Civil War

The United States appears to be on the brink of Civil War as Americans have split into fierce factions over putters. On one side are those who support long putters. On the other: ... Continue Reading →

February’s Funniest Sports Videos

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10 Great Sports Debate Questions … Answered Once and For All!

#1 – Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan was in his prime? Unfortunately, there is just no way to know this because Michael Jordan’s prime fell when LeBron James was ... Continue Reading →

Kangaroos Invade Golf Course

The best club to use to bludgeon attacking kangaroos is a 9-iron. Continue Reading →

Phil Mickelson Falls Down, Remains Not an Athlete

His half-inch vertical is still his most amazing unathletic feat. Continue Reading →

17 Month-Old is Better at Golf Than You

He's the next Tiger Woods. He probably has a harem at day care. Continue Reading →

Big Early-Season PGA “Gallery”

He is da man. The only man there. Continue Reading →