VIDEO: Davis Love Fell in Love with a Squirrel

“Fell in Love with a Squirrel” is one of Weird Al’s best White Stripes parodies. Continue Reading →

The 24 Greatest Todds in Sports History

24. Todd Bodine – NASCAR (1992-present) Todd-ism: Likes cars. 23. Todd MacCulloch – NBA (1999-2003) Todd-ism: Enjoys pinball. 22. Todd Hamilton – PGA Tour (2004-present) Todd-ism: ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Local Sports TV Guy Calls the Deutsche Bank Championship the “Douche Bag” Championship

In his defense, many of the golfers who compete on the PGA Tour are massive Deutsche Banks. Continue Reading →

10 Amazing Photos of Athletes Twerking

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VIDEO: This Phil Mickelson Shot Was the Highlight of the 2013 PGA Championship

FIGJAM becomes FIBDAM. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: PGA Golfer Matt Every Has Tim Tebow’s Name and Number on His Bag Because Who Knows Why

Maybe Tim Tebow has Matt Every on his clipboard. Continue Reading →
Phil Mickelson KPMG

KPMG Hoping to Land Some Sweet New Consulting Clients Off of Phil Mickelson’s British Open Win

Fueled by Phil Mickelson’s dramatic come-from-behind victory at the British Open, the golfer’s hat sponsor is hoping to reel in some new clients. “That was huge for ... Continue Reading →

Nike Debuts New “I am The Field” Golf Commercial

Late in the final round of the British Open — and more than a decade after the iconic “I am Tiger Woods” commercial first ran — Nike Golf aired a new ad with ... Continue Reading →
jordan spiethJ

VIDEO: Golfer Jordan Spieth Fails to Connect on Handshake with Tom Rinaldi

He should probably have his caddy handle his handshakes from now on. Continue Reading →

Golfer Thomas Bjorn Breaks $80,000 Camera Like a Big Bjerk

Great. That was the only TV camera at the British Open. Now the whole thing is ruined. Continue Reading →

Google is Mean to America’s Crappiest Sports Teams and Athletes

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US Open Fan Yells “Fried Chicken” at Sergio Garcia

And that's how that fan won the U.S. Open. Continue Reading →

The 25 Least Athletic-Looking Athletes in Sports

#25 – Peter Crouch David Beckham is almost the perfect male specimen. Whatever loose bits of English soccer player that were left over after making Beckham were apparently stacked ... Continue Reading →