VIDEO: PGA Golfer Richard H. Lee is Worse at Golf Than You Are

Maybe Richard H. Lee isn’t always worse at golf than you are. But he is sometimes. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Chesson Hadley’s Caddie Trips, Falls and Bends His Putter

Are caddies athletes? Debate. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Johnson Wang, Creamer

Paula? What kind of weird name is that? Continue Reading →

10 Greatest Sports Bubbas of All-Time!

10. Bubba Wells – NBA (1997-1998) Real name: Charles Richard Wells Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Jonas Blixt’s Caddy is Very Excited by Golf

  He should probably see a doctor due to its yellow color. He’s got that penis jaundice.  Continue Reading →

The Funniest Golf Photos of All-Time! (of Recent Times)

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CBS Panicking After Their Tiger Woods Impersonator Shoots 43-Over 115 at Masters

CBS Sports executives are huddling in a meeting room at Augusta National, discussing how to proceed with broadcasting the Masters tournament after the Tiger Woods impersonator they ... Continue Reading →

10 Greatest Golf Pickup Lines

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VIDEO: Iguanas Are Trying to Eat Our Golf Balls

How did security let him get on the course? Shoot to kill, I say.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Guy Falls Through Golf Shop Ceiling

) They seem very calm. They must be good putters.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Golfer Stewart Cink Has the World’s Most Noticeable Tan Lines

That’s a tan line or he’s been dipped in white chocolate. Continue Reading →

The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2013

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golf shot

VIDEO: Golfer Banks Shot Off Fence Post

The key to this shot is making sure your first shot is so bad it goes up against a fence post. Continue Reading →

8 Sports Things You Can Really Buy Online

Tim Tebow Pillar Candle Perfect for the sports media person with a Tim Tebow shrine. Buy one on Etsy for $4.50. Potty Putter Invite your golf buddies over to take a dump together! ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Chi-Chi Hits a Golf Ball Into His Rodriguez

So sad. He’s reduced to hitting himself in the crotch for money. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Davis Love Fell in Love with a Squirrel

“Fell in Love with a Squirrel” is one of Weird Al’s best White Stripes parodies. Continue Reading →

The 24 Greatest Todds in Sports History

24. Todd Bodine – NASCAR (1992-present) Todd-ism: Likes cars. 23. Todd MacCulloch – NBA (1999-2003) Todd-ism: Enjoys pinball. 22. Todd Hamilton – PGA Tour (2004-present) Todd-ism: ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Local Sports TV Guy Calls the Deutsche Bank Championship the “Douche Bag” Championship

In his defense, many of the golfers who compete on the PGA Tour are massive Deutsche Banks. Continue Reading →