Report: Former Golfing Phenom Tiger Woods is Injured Again and Is Old and One Day Soon We’ll All Die

According to reports, Tiger Woods has re-injured his back and likely will never be the golfer he once was because we are all aging and, in a blink of history’s eye, will be rotted ... Continue Reading →

The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2014

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VIDEO: Luke Donald Has Shot Interrupted by Baboon

He should get Steve Williams as his caddy. Williams would beat the crap out of that baboon. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Golfer Sinks Most Amazing 2-Foot Putt of All-Time

Suck it, McIlroy. Continue Reading →

SP on The Cauldron: Team America Can Win the Ryder Cup Again as Team ‘Merica with Capt. John Daly

If you spent time this week at the local country club or around any khakis-clad dads, you no doubt heard intense discussions about the great crisis facing our land: America hasn’t ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cool Dad Phil Mickelson Says Ryder Cup Eagle Was “So Tight”

Golf’s cool factor is thanks to rad fellas like Phil Mickelson. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Rory McIlroy Hit His Drive Into a Spectator’s Pocket

Golf rules say you have to hit the guy with your club until the ball breaks loose. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Here’s a Bear Dancing with a Golf Pin Flag

Bear > Tiger Continue Reading →

PICTURE: This is What Happens When You Take a Golf Ball to the Forehead

Tough day for this Ernest Hemingway impersonator. Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Golf Tips for Beginners

1. Don’t Play Golf Continue Reading →

18 Signs You’re a Professional Golfer

1. A golf cart is not carrying your golf clubs. Some guy is. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Henrik Stenson Breaks a Club at a Major Championship … Again

Stenson snapped a club in frustration in the 1st Round of the 2014 Open Championship … Continue Reading →

PICTURE: John Daly Wears SpongeBob Pants for British Open Practice Round

No doubt the country that requires players to wear all-white for its biggest tennis tournament is considering doing the same now for golf.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Golfer Hits Drive Off a Water Tower and Back to His Feet

That drive had a lot of air time for traveling 0-feet.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Michelle Wie Twerks After Winning the U.S. Open

Johnny Manziel is going to want to get into women’s golf now. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Police Chase Cuts Through Fargo, ND, Golf Course

Seems like an overreaction by the police just because someone didn’t replace a divot. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Justin Rose Chunks Pitch Shot 10-Feet

At least he finished it with a cool Yasiel Puig golf club toss. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Hardcore Golf Training on a Treadmill

He may not have a good swing or be able to putt, but he will never tire while playing terrible golf. Continue Reading →