PICTURE: Box Score from Canada’s 91-0 Football Win Over Kuwait

7-for-22 with an interception isn’t the worst line ever. Kuwait’s QB could get a tryout with the Jets. Continue Reading →

UMAD Football Team?

What’s with all the tackling? U MAD? (via 30fps) Continue Reading →

8 Year-Old QB Makes Trick Shot Video

Most 8-year old trick shot videos are about flicking boogers. Continue Reading →

Huge Youth Football Hit

Ahhhh. Debilitating concussions are so cute at that age. Continue Reading →

Lingerie Football Fight! Lingerie Football Fight!

In my dreams it's a lot more oily. Continue Reading →

Football Player Penalized for Pointing to the Heavens

God hates atheist refs. Continue Reading →

Miracle Finish in a High School Playoff Game

They stole this play from the ending of every "Friday Night Lights" episode. Continue Reading →

Player Goes in Motion by Doing Flips

They threw a flag because gymnastics is dumb. Continue Reading →

Amazing Middle School Trick Play

This play could have used some barking. Continue Reading →

Canada is a Very Strange Land

The explanation? I don't know. How about we say it's rouge-related? Continue Reading →

Another Very Unstable Football Announcer

Granted, high school football IS the most important thing in the world. Continue Reading →

Kick Returner Evades All 11 … No, All 50 Would-Be Tacklers

Maybe if the opponent had let the band out on the field they would've had enough to bring him down. Continue Reading →

They Probably Didn’t Practice This Play

But if they did, the defensive coordinator should probably get a raise. Continue Reading →