Who is Jimbo Fisher?

Jimbo Fisher will take over as head coach of the Florida State football program following Bobby Bowden's final game in the Seminoles' bowl later this month. Who is this guy? ... Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno Dies

Moments after hearing that Bobby Bowden had officially retired as head coach of the Florida State Seminoles, Penn State head coach Joe Paterno let out a sigh, made a few last remarks, ... Continue Reading →

Florida State’s Lovable Mascot Bowden Considering Retirement

Bobby Bowden, the lovable mascot with the bemused expression and eclectic hats and glasses who has walked the Florida State sidelines for the past 34 years, may have worked his final ... Continue Reading →

"Great game, Randy. The parts I was awake for seemed very exciting. Did my Mountaineers beat you?"

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Lack of Talent to Remove Wins from Florida State’s 2009 Total

As Florida State and Bobby Bowden fight to keep wins stripped from the program due to an academic cheating scandal, new reports today suggests the Seminoles could have as many as four ... Continue Reading →