Tim Tebow’s 6 Most Memorable Eye Black Messages

The NCAA has banned players from putting messages on eye black, starting this season. Many are calling the new mandate the Tim Tebow Rule, after the player who famously scrawled Bible ... Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow’s Wonderlic exam: EXCLUSIVE COPY!!!

Tim Tebow only got a 22 on his Wonderlic exam, the intelligence test NFL teams administer to prospects at the NFL combine. He scored 22 out of 50 — a lower score than those of ... Continue Reading →

Tebow Dazzles NFL Scouts with Picture of Aborted Fetus

Florida quarterback and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow wowed scouts at the Senior Bowl in Mobile today when he showed off a picture of an aborted, third trimesterfetus. Before ... Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow: Scout’s notes

Tim Tebow is under the watchful eye of NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl. One scout gave SportsPickle access to his notes on the former Florida star. Continue Reading →

Following his final collegiate game, Tim Tebow ascends into the heavens.

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Urban Meyer: "It turns out my family is incredibly annoying"

Less than 24 hours after announcing he would step away from football to focus on "faith and family", Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer has decided he will only take a ... Continue Reading →

Upon hearing the Florida job is available, Illinois head coach Ron Zook jumps on his jet ski and heads down for an interview.

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During the final moments of the SEC Championship Game, Florida head coach Urban Meyer removes his mask to reveal he is actually Ron Zook.

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Eye Black Bible Verses for Tim Tebow’s Five Stages of Grief

Tim Tebow lost. And his crying proved he took the defeat pretty hard. Thankfully, the noted Biblical eye black enthusiast can work his way through the 5 Stages of Grief by sporting ... Continue Reading →

Modern-Day Rudy Would Prefer to Play for Florida

His name is Rudy Rutgower. He is 18-years old, 5-feet tall and he has a dream: to play college football. While he knows he’s too small to be a starter, the scrappy, never-say-die ... Continue Reading →

Before his final home game, Tim Tebow embraces his mother, The Virgin Tebow.

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Tim Tebow Suspended for Foreskin-Gouging

Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow saw his senior season take another negative turn today when he was suspended by Florida for a vicious foreskin gouge during Saturday's game ... Continue Reading →

"Uh-oh. I forget what to do with this brown, oval thing once it’s given to me. My brain part still hurts."

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It's true. He could be dead within minutes. According to ESPN.com, Tebow has travelled separately to Kentucky for Florida's game today because he is ill. It's not the ... Continue Reading →

Jacksonville Jaguars To Wear Alternate Tim Tebow Jerseys

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver announced today that his team will wear a new blue and orange alternate jersey for the remainder of the season. Each jersey will also have the ... Continue Reading →

Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton locks onto another receiver, hoping Florida Gators defenders will stare at his sweet ‘stache instead of his ey

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Spooked by Jaguars Interest, Tim Tebow Claims Love of Murder, INTs

A day after Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver said his team will consider drafting Tim Tebow this year to invigorate the franchise's flagging fanbase, the Florida Gators ... Continue Reading →

Nooooooooo! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Our perfect hero is not perfect. Our emperor has no eyes. Yes, it has been confirmed: Tim Tebow is nearsighted. So where does this leave us? Well, the world is a horrible, dark place ... Continue Reading →