Suggested “College GameDay” Signs of the Week: Florida at Texas A&M

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Tim Tebow’s Heisman Portrait Got Destroyed

That artist who retouched it must have studied art at an SEC school. Continue Reading →

The Cummunications Major Gets Tiring After Two Classes

Everyone majors in this at Florida. Continue Reading →

Apolo Ohno and Charlie Weis Halloween Costumes

The theme apparently was sportsmen who are in great shape. Continue Reading →

LSU and Florida Fan Pole-Dance Together While Tailgating

Those fans don't look like they have SEC speed. Continue Reading →

Florida Has Very Poor Special Teams

It's not good when your best defense is the other team taunting you. Continue Reading →

Alabama TBOCRY License Plate

Alabama never saw someone cry harder than Tebow did that day. Continue Reading →

Florida Player Takes a Towel Snap to the Junk

In-game hazing is the worst kind of hazing. Continue Reading →

Former Florida Gator Will Hill is the King of Twitter

http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/2011/1/19/1943956/the-happy-football-life-of-will-hill He's also the King of Morons. Continue Reading →

Florida Gators Fan Is So Meta

It’s funny because it’s true. (via @bubbaprog) Continue Reading →

Will Muschamp Has a Long Way to Go to Prove Himself to the People of Vermont

Whereas the good citizens of Idaho are mixed on his prospects. Continue Reading →

Revealing Images from Urban Meyer’s Resignation Press Conference

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Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow Currently On Pace for Hearty Embrace Somewhere in Northwestern Arkansas

If both Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow continue running towards each other on their current pace, the former Florida duo will likely run into each other's arms somewhere in northwestern ... Continue Reading →